La Rejouissance barndance

Also known as Handel’s Firework’s Music, Rejouissance, The Rejouissance.

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Rejouissance
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D| "G" GGGG G/A/B/A/ GG/A/ | BBBB B/c/d/c/ BB/c/ | dddd d3 g | dB z g dB z d |
de/d/ cB "D" A3 d | "G" de/d/ cB "D" A>B A>B | A/B/A/B/ A/B/A/B/ A3 A | "Em" B/^c/d/e/ "A7"~^c>d "D" d3 :|
|: A| "D" AB/c/ dB A3 G/B/ | A3 G/B/ A3 d | "G" de/f/ "C" ge "G" d3 "C" c/e/ | "G" d3 "C" c/e/ "G" d3 d | "C" e(e e/)d/c/e/ "G" d(d d/)c/B/d/ |
"D7" c(c c/)B/A/c/ "G" BB B/A/G/B/ | "D" AA A/B/c/A/ "G" BG GA/B/ | "D7" cA AB/c/ "G" dB Bc/d/ | "C" e>c "G" d>B "D7" cB/A/ dc | "C" B>A "D7"~A>G "G" G3 :|

Three comments

I have heard this played in a few sessions, somewhat jokily.

..and in this key, which makes it easier to play.
(Handel wrote it in D originally) I believe this is from the Music for the Royal Fireworks, 1745? But it could be the Water Music - I forget.

It´s for the Royal Fireworks.