Trip To Spanish Point reel

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Five comments

Perhaps this is from the recording “Firefly” by Míse. That said, if it is, it’s not one of my favourites. The A part is really odd.

Re: Trip To Spanish Point

…OR “an ad hoc re-arrangement of ‘same’”, I should have said.

I did it just for Dr. Tøm, incidentally, who seemed to have been nonplussed by the harmonies or the accidentals.
Ironically, I left in some harmonies too in the end!
Not to worry: here’s a wee guide to help disentangle the melodic lines in those bars.
The turn can be rendered
|:Bcdc Bcda|c[ccd eacd|BFdc Bcde|AAAB cfcd|
Bcdc d/d/dda|cdea aeac|dcBd cBFc|[BFFF B3F:|
…Bcdc Bcdda|cdea aaec|fcdB cBFc|dBBF B3F:|
or a mix of both.

Re: Trip To Spanish Point

Play full tilt for a reel.
This tune works well as a scottische as well.

Re: Trip To Spanish Point

‘Trip to Spanish Point’ vs ‘Spanish Point’

Who wrote THE TRIP TO Spanish Point, then?
I did a bit of research but did not find any recording or info online for that name.

The location -or the name!- ‘Spanish Point’ (Rinn na Spáinneach) seems to have inspired quite a few tunes:
(some disambiguation may be necessary here for there are at least 5 places called ‘Spanish Point’ in the world including Antarctica!)

several airs:
Jon Sousa,

Declan Masterson,

Joannie Madden,

a slow waltz
John Sheahan (or Michael Howard?)

a bansuri-style (!) 6/8 march
Kevin Meehan*,

and a few others reels:
Kevin Meehan*,
Béla Fleck

and other musical shapes/scapes:
Donal Lunny,

*NB: Kevin Meehan’s title track title covers two tunes: a march and a reel (from 2‘00") on his ’trailblazing album’; Beautiful stuff indeed! Question: do they have individual names?