The Day We Paid The Rent reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Day We Paid The Rent
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ge|:dGBG dGBe|dGBG FGAe|dGBG dGBd|1 efga bage:|2 efga bgg2||
bagf gdBd|egdB BAA2|bagf gdBd|egea g2ga|
bagf gdBd|egdB BAAc|BGdG eGdG|egfa g2||
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The link isn’t of any help, since the thread it refers to obviously has been deleted.

I suspect it was just another asking "what’s the name of this tune?" They tend to have a shelf-life limit…

Hopefully gtag will add something more here in the comments…

The Day We Paid the Rent

E. Galway concertina player Claire Keville recorded this reel citing O’Neill’s 1001 as the source. The sleeve notes of "An Tri is a Rian" include a story on her trip to New York: When she played the reel for Jack Coen during her visit to the city, she was informed that J. Coen’s father used to play it on the concertina. Flute player Jack Coen, too, is incidentally from E. Galway.

Speaking of Jack Coen, he and his brother Charlie recorded a somewhat similar tune.
The Branch Line (polka):

To my ear, this reel has a Scottish feel. Perhaps, originally a strathspey?

Re: The Day We Paid The Rent

8th measure (not repeating) third note Is probably an F not an E probably