Home By The Fire hornpipe

Also known as At Home By The Fire.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Home By The Fire
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d2de dAFA|B2GB A2FA|B2dB ABde|fedf e2de|
dcde dAFA|B2GB A2FA|B2ga fAdf|1 e2ef dABc:|2 e2ef defg||
|:afdf gece|fedc B2Bf|gBdg f2fd|(3efedB ABde|
fAdf eAce|bdBd ADDA|B2ga fAdf|1 e2ef defg:|2 e2ef dABc||

Four comments

A great tune by Donogh Hennessy, taken from the “Masters of the Irish Guitar” CD, though I got it from his myspace page. Originally played in Bb, and sounds best on guitar, naturally. Can anybody correct my mistakes, as I’m almost certain there’s at least one or two, but I had trouble figuring out exactly where the melody was going.

Wow, I just now realized I put this in the wrong key…
The correct key is D, not G, and originally played in Bb.

Home by the fire

Beautiful tune; just downloaded the music, having heard it played by banjo player Johnny Duffy; some parts slightly different, but gist of tune the same. Thanks.
Jimmy F

Home by the Fire (Hornpipe by Donogh Hennessy) for solo fingerstyle guitar in DADGAD

I have received permission from Donogh Hennessy to publish my DADGAD fingerstyle guitar arrangement of his hornpipe composition. You can find it in the hornpipe section of my website (www.davyrogers.com)