Bonny Bunch Of Ferns reel

Also known as Bonnie Bunch Of Ferns, The Bonnie Bunch Of Ferns, The Bonny Bunch Of Ferns, Nellie Donovan, Piobaire On Cheideadh, Private Ass And Cart, The Private Ass And Cart.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bonny Bunch Of Ferns
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2dB c2Ac | BGGB d3c | B2dB c2Ac | dBcA BGGA |
B2dB c2Ac | BGGB d3c|B2dB c2Ac |1 dBcA BGGA :|2 dBcA BGGg ||
fgaf gefd | cAAB c3g | fgaf gbag |fdcA BGGg |
fgaf gefd | cAAB c3g | fgaf gbag | fdcA BGG2 :|

Six comments


It similar to this reel but varies in the second part.

Robbie Hannan & Paddy Glackin start of their album Seidean Si with The Bonny Bunch of Ferns but the above tune (Callaghan’s) is actually what they play.

Piper of keady

Originally i´m lookong for "the keady piper", great recording on ceol is peob. (Track 7 No 3not track 10.)Tiarnan told me this title " bonny bunch…" Got this abc years ago from … I dont know it anymore, but its only a basic version. Try to learn it by ear now…

here you will find something more:

Specially the second part is very similar to Nelly Donovan No 19 in the dance music of Willy Clancy

Both Mike Rafferty and Joe Burke

have this tune as ‘The Private Ass and Cart’, another nice name for it.

David Taylor