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Arkle Mountain

Gneevgullia (reel) is also known as Considine’s Grove, Consindin’s Grove, The Gneeveguilla, Gneevegullia, The Gneevguillia, The Gneevgullia, Molly The Pride Of Rathmore, Paddy Cronin’s, Pride Of Rathmore, The Pride Of Rathmore, Rabbit’s Burrow, The Rabbit’s Burrow.

Arkle Mountain (reel) is also known as Arkil Mountain, Arkill Moutain, The Arkle Mountain, Arklow Mountains, Gerry O’ Connor’s, Gerry O’Connor’s.

Cosa Gan Bhroga by Eithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry O'Connor, Desi Wilkinson

  1. The Arkle Mountain
  2. Considine’s Grove