One recording of
The Flowing Bowl

Gneevgullia (reel) is also known as Considine’s Grove, Consindin’s Grove, The Gneeveguilla, Gneevegullia, The Gneevguillia, The Gneevgullia, Molly The Pride Of Rathmore, Paddy Cronin’s, Pride Of Rathmore, The Pride Of Rathmore, Rabbit’s Burrow, The Rabbit’s Burrow.

The Flowing Bowl (reel) is also known as Conway’s, Liscannor Bay, The Mhoibhin, The Moibhin, The Moveen, The Wild Irishman.

Cóisir/House Party by Máire O'Keeffe

  1. The Pride Of Rathmore
  2. The Girls Of Farranfore
  3. The Flowing Bowl
  4. The Maid Of Hollywell