One recording of
Martin Wynne’s

Gneevgullia (reel) is also known as Considine’s Grove, Consindin’s Grove, The Gneeveguilla, Gneevegullia, The Gneevguillia, The Gneevgullia, Molly The Pride Of Rathmore, Paddy Cronin’s, Pride Of Rathmore, The Pride Of Rathmore, Rabbit’s Burrow, The Rabbit’s Burrow.

Martin Wynne’s (reel) is also known as Martin Wynne’s #3, Martin Wynne’s No 3, Martin Wynne’s No. 3, Martin Wynne’s No.3.

Pride Of New York by Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan

  1. Considine’s Grove
  2. The Trip To Durrow
  3. Martin Wynne’s
  4. Bere Island