A Ghost Of His Former Self reel

By Larry McCullough

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Ghost Of His Former Self
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|AF~F2 ~E3F|~F2DE FA~A2|Be~e2 fedB|ABBA d2AD|
EFED ~E3F|~F2DE FA~A2|Be~e2 fedB|AFED ~E3A||
~F3D ~E3F|~F2DE FA~A2|Be~e2 fedB|ABBA d2FD|
EF~F2 ~E3F|~F2DE FA~A2|Be~e2 fedB|AFED ~E3z||
fe~e2 fedB|fede fbaf|fe~e2 fedB|~A3B dABd|
fe~e2 dB~B2|~f3e fa~a2|bf~f2 afed|Bd~d2 de~e2|
fe~e2 fedB|~f3e fbaf|fe~e2 fedB|AB~B2 d2 (3Bcd|
fe~e2 dB~B2|~f3e fa~a2|bf~f2 ~a3b|afed e3||

Three comments

An interesting tune that I found to be in my ABC tunebook, from some large collection I picked up. I looked it up here, and found nothing about the composer, Larry McCullough. I was kind of shocked to find this tune on my computer, because I had plans to write a tune with a very similar title…

I have a tape of “Irish Whistles” where Larry McCullough is featured playing this tune. That’s all I know of it though.