Lampy jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lampy
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:(E2B) B^cd|(E2B) B^cd|AFD AFD|AFD AFD|
(E2B) B^cd|(E2B) B^cd|bag agf|1 ede efe:|2 ede e3||
b2a ge(b-|b2a) gfe|afe def|afe d^cd|
b2a ge(b-|b2a) gfe|EFG FGA|GAB BcB|
b2a ge(b-|b2a) gfe|afe def|afe d^cd|
b2a ge(b-|b2a) gfe|bag agf|efe e3||

Sixteen comments

Hope it’s not a self-composed tune by another narcissist.

Only joking.

C: ??? ~ at least credit the source, even if it is your own muse 😏

I’m not laughin’ Mr. H… 🙁 ~ 😀

Narcissis ~ a beautiful family of flowers….

C: Alastair Duthie ~???

It does have a ceilidh band feel to it. I gather Alistair is ‘new’ ~ so, let me be the first to say “Welcome!” ~ if late. Please read the FAQs when you get some time, and scan down to the bit about the self-composed. For some ideas on this, and what to try to avoid, check out the ‘comments’ here ~

It takes a few to get us going… But it isn’t that we, collectively, don’t appreciate the muse of others and giving someone else’s inspiration a go…


One appreciated consideration is for folks to say something about the contributions they dump on site here. It only feels like ‘dumping’ when someone doesn’t have anything to add, like origin or even attitude. We’ve had folks say they hated the tune they contributed, but thought, I guess, their pain should be shared… 😏

I’ve had some fun playing it…

Despite the pain that tells me to lay off doing so… 🙁

Alright dear, I’ll put things away and stop grimacing and moaning along with the music… I’ll lilt instead…

Alastair, this is a well-crafted tune. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to submit your self-composed tune *without any comment on it.* That only encourages much less talented “composers” to write and post crap tunes on this site. And we hope you will put something on your profile page.


This tune is a tribute to the Blue Lamp pub/music venue (the best session pub in Aberdeen) known to all as “the Lampy” - and the landlord, Sandy Brown - where would the trad scene in Aberdeen be without them?

Thanks for the advice guys. I have to admit I’m new to the abc format and I put on this tune in the early hours one morning to see if I was doing it right. Don’t suppose I can take it off again??

Why, folks like it alastair. You couldn’t didn’t transcribe it wrongly did you? But, you have built up a debt… 😉

Pubs, venues and publicans that support our passion and put up with our idiocyncrasies deserve whatever dedication and credit we can give them…

The ‘Lampy’

We visited Aberdeen about ten months ago and, thanks to The Session, had the address for the Blue Lamp. My wife and I attended the session, were warmly welcomed, and had a great time. In addition to the wonderful tunes, there were a few songs and we took the advice of the songstress and purchased a Jim Reid cd before returning to Canada. I’m pleased to see a tune dedicated to the ‘Lampy’ and will add it to my repetoire.

Last week…

You should have seen it last week - 38 musicians from Co.Clare on their way to Shetland. 🙂

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In case you’re wondering how they all got in, it was in the larger function room next door.

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