Twenty-seven recordings of a tune named
Da Full Rigged Ship

Also known as Full Rigged Ship, The Full Rigged Ship, The Fully Rigged Ship.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Da New Rigged Ship (lots of times), The New Rigged Ship (a few times), Calliope House, Camel Hump, Carolan’s Welcome, The Cat That Ate The Candle, Da Day Dawn, Da Foula Reel, The Eagle’s Whistle, Ellen O’Leary’s, Graemsay, Indian Point, Mac’s Fancy, Naked And Bare, Out On The Ocean, The Pipe On The Hob, Rocky Road To Glinsk, The Rolling Waves, Scatter The Mud, The Ships Are Sailing, The Silver Spear, Smash The Windows, Snug In The Blanket, The Trip To Sligo, The Turnpike, Tuttle’s, Twin Sisters.

  1. 50 Fiddle Solos by Aly Bain
  2. Beyond The Shore by Deby Benton Grosjean
  3. Ceilidh House Sessions by Various Artists
  4. Celtic Heart by Marcille Wallis
  5. Crossing To Scotland by Abby Newton
  6. Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer by Fiddlers’ Bid
  7. Dancing Tables & Dancing Chairs by Katherine First & Kitchen Party
  8. Fully Rigged by Aly Bain And Ale Möller
  9. Galícia by Dannsair
  10. Long Story by Skeeal
  11. Nordic Fiddlers Bloc by Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  12. Oíche Go Maidean by Brendan Begley, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich, Neil Martin, Noel O’Grady
  13. One For The Road by Trasnú
  14. Set The Sails by Bantry Bay
  15. So Merrily Danced by Liam Robinson Dance Band
  16. Sounds From The Atlantic by Inisheer
  17. Sunday Night by Robert Chalmers And Friends
  18. Sweet Forget-Me-Not by Blackthorn
  19. The Great Bear Trio by The Great Bear Trio
  20. The High Notes by The High Notes
  21. The Shetland Sessions: Volume 2 by Various Artists
  22. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music Of Shetland by Tom Anderson And Aly Bain
  23. This Side Up by Tania Elizabeth
  24. Traditional Scottish Fiddling by Various Artists
  25. Unfurled by Kitchen Jam Band
  26. Wish You Were Here by Boys Of The Lough
  27. Yankee Dreams by Frank Ferrel And Friends