Three recordings of
An Phis Fhliuch
Hardiman The Fiddler

An Phis Fhliuch (slip jig) is also known as An Phis Fhiliuch, An Phis Fhluich, An Phis Fliuch, An Phis Fluich, An Phis Phliuch, An Ṗis Ḟliuċ, The Boy In The Bush, The Bridegroom’s Delight, The Choice Wife, Feathered Nest, The Good Wife, O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick, The Perfect Wife, Pis Fhliuch, The Ready Wife, The Ready Woman.

Hardiman The Fiddler (slip jig) is also known as The Heart Of A Loaf, Poitín Whiskey, Pottien Whiskey.

Seisiun Ceol Neachtains by DinoTrad

  1. An Phis Fluich
  2. The Kid On The Mountain
  3. Hardiman The Fiddler

The Irish R.M. by Various Artists

  1. An Phis Fhliuch
  2. Hardiman The Fiddler
  3. The Drops Of Brandy

Within A Mile Of Dublin by Paul O'Shaughnessy And Paul McGrattan

  1. O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick
  2. Hardiman The Fiddler
  3. Doodely Doodely Dank