The Horologist’s reel

Also known as Peter Broderick’s Hands.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Horologist's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: BA |GEE^D EFGA | Bee^d efga | be e/e/g bege | fBB^A BcB=A |
BEE^D E2 GA | Bee^d e2 ga | bc'b^a bgec | agf^d e2 :|
|: GA |B2 ec BAGE | CEGE B,EGE | ^D2 FA cBAF | GAFA EAGA |
BGec B/B/A GE | CGEG B,EGE | ^D2 FA c2 B^A |[1 BcB^A Bc :|[2 B^dfB e2 |]
X: 2
T: The Horologist's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
G>EE>^D E2 (3FGA | B>ee>^d e2 (3fga | b>eg>e B>eG>e | f>BB>^A B2 (3cBA |
BEE^D E>FG>A | B>ee>^d e2 g>a | b>c'b>^a b>ge>c | a>g (3fe^d e2 :|
B2 e>c B>AG>E | CEGE B,EGE | ^D2 FA cBAF | G>AF>A E>AG>A |
B>Ge>c (3BBA G>E | C>GE>G B,E (3GFE | ^D2 F>A c2 B>^A |[1 B>cB>^A B>c |[2 B>^df>B e2 :|

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"The Horologist’s Reel" / "Peter Broderick’s Hands"

‘The Horologist’ is Peter Broderick, brother of Vincent. I was thinking on both lately and enjoying their music and remembering their bicycle, and the two of them travelling the byways of East Galway on the one shared bike, and the tale about the jig "The Haunted House". However, this popped out, and I considered calling it "The Broderick’s Bicycle", what with a recent discussion on bicycles, but it just didn’t suit that title, as it had more of reflection built into the key, something more to do with time, for which there is often too little, and I remembered all the gongs and chimes and other noises that used to happen in Peter’s caravan workshop every 15 minutes, and how Peter had an understanding, awareness and appreciation for the different sounds and makes. So, this has more about time built into its mood than the bicycle. I’m sure something with more humour will eventually grab me, something with wheels and spokes and two flute players making do with one seat and handlebars. I’m patient, music takes me often and is generally in control rather than me.

I was also worried that this wasn’t exactly a flute tune, but then, in the B-part there’s no reason why C can’t be c and B, be b, eh? ~ | c2 GE B2 GE | ~ etc…

Here are some few other ways I’ve taken it at the start ~

|: Bc | BEE/E/^D EFGA | ~ & ~ |: B^A | BE ~E2 ~E2 F/G/A | ~

|: B^A | B^Aec B=AGE | ~

I can imagine Peter would like to be remembered as a ‘horologist’, amongst other things, a member of "The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers" ~ & of course there’s that bit of plumber’s copper pipe he and his brother Vincent turned into a flute in a last minute desperation ~ and which won the All-Ireland ~ for them both…

Discussion: Vincent Broderick Flute player -Composer RIP Thur 7th

# Posted on August 8th 2008 by Martin Donohoe

Peter & Vincent have been continued inspiration, and this last week I was in a reflective mood and playing music with these two brothers in mind, so reflection is ongoing but this time started earlier this week, but this thread spurred things on and is in part responsible for this minor mood…

and B, be B ~ that other title, to be fully B about it, the one awaiting the right melody and form ~

"The Broderick Brothers’ Bicycle"

I have to resist wanting to add another ‘B’…


Raised up on this music playing it for dance, keeping time was one problem the two Broderick brothers didn’t have…

"The Horologist’s Hornpipe"

X: 2
T: Horologist’s Hornpipe, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Emin
|: B>A |\
G>EE>^D E2 (3FGA | B>ee>^d e2 (3fga | b>eg>e B>eG>e | f>BB>^A B2 (3cBA |
BEE^D E>FG>A | B>ee>^d e2 g>a | b>c’b>^a b>ge>c | a>g (3fe^d e2 :|
|: (3FGA |\
B2 e>c B>AG>E | CEGE B,EGE | ^D2 FA cBAF | G>AF>A E>AG>A |
B>Ge>c (3BBA G>E | C>GE>G B,E (3GFE | ^D2 F>A c2 B>^A |[1 B>cB>^A B>c |[2 B>^df>B e2 :|

I have to admit this is a nice tune, Ceol. Are all the chromatisms the original ones?

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K: e minor harmonic, with the ^D / ^d

& then there’s the occassional raised 4th, ^A… Yes, they came with the tune, nothing forced at all. It just unfolded as I was remembering and thinking about the Brodericks, and especially remembering Peter and his workshop. I had been playing some of their music previously to this taking hold of me. But that in no way explains the results…

It started life as a slow reel… Thanks protz…

But, I have been in a ‘minor’ mood of late…

Nice one ‘c’
another good tune to use with my 2&1/2 row (de-clubbed) Hohner club, but I don’t have the top A#. However it sounds OK as top A (have no choice do I!?)

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I had a friend who was an Horologist. He’s probably passed away by now though. His name was Peter. So this could be a tune to remember him by.

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Vincent & Peter Broderick ~ All-Irleand Champions on the flute

1953, Athlone ~ Vincent Broderick

1954, Cavan ~ Vincent Broderick

1955, Loughrea ~ Peter Broderick, on the copper flute, the length of plumber’s pipe that Peter turned into a flute…

I had to await confirmation from elsewhere with regards to my own information, as the tale I had been told and as I’d remembered it. When a well known and accomplished Irish musician told me I had it wrong, having been raised with a dominant father that often did his best to adjust my information and inclinations, bad or good, I gave in, against my better knowledge, to his misinformation. To repeat ~

It was Peter that won the All-Ireland in 1955 on the flute he’d had to make because his own was unplayable at the time… The laugh was that Vincent stepped aside for him, but Peter was as accomplished on flute and whistle in his own right.

They were both a blessing on this music, and to family and friends. Their influences and contributions continue…

I am but one of many who’s life has been enriched by these two gentle and generous men…

Peter Broderick ~ a picture of him with his 1955 trophy & copper flute

There is a lovely picture of Peter in Vincent’s 2nd collection, page 4 ~ Peter with his homemade copper flute in hand and his 1955 trophy. The photo also shows clearly the lip plate Peter had fashioned for it from another bit of the pipe…

"The Turoe Stone Collection, Volume 2: Traditional Irish Flute Solos"
Original compositions by Vincent Broderick
Waltons Publishing, 2007
ISBN, book only: 978-1-85720-200-7
ISBN, with CD: 978-1-85720-201-4

Ooooh, I like this tune… I’ll have to work at this one. It might be awhile before I bring it down to the flute, but it shouldn’t be too incredibly difficult for whistle…

|[1 ^D2 FA c2 BA | GAFA EF :|[2 ^D2 FA c2 B^A | B^dfB e2 |]

Another possibility with the 1st & 2nd endings of the B-part…

"The Horologist’s Reel" (Hornpipe) ~ for the D limited

You can play the low notes up an octave ~

The B-part, bars 2 & 6: | CEGE B,EGE | ~ or ~ | cEGE BEGE |