The Birthday reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Birthday
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d>ef>a g>fe>c|d2f>d A>dF>D|G>AB>G F>GA>F|E>AA>^G A>Bc>A|
d>ef>a g>fe>c|d2f>d A>dF>D|G>AB>d A>Bc>e|d>BA>F D3 z:|
F2F>G F>ED>E|F2F>G F>E D2|G2 G>A G>FG>B|e>dc>B A>GF>E|
F2F>G F>ED>E|F2F>G F>E D2|G>FG>A B>AB>d|A>GF>E D3 z:|

Seven comments

Birthday Reel

I learnt this tune from the playing of Gina le Faux who wrote and played it in a set with another tune from Cape Breton called McDonalds (see next tune) It is part of the first track on G Faux Album Time for a laugh and a song recorded back in 1989. Gina used to stay with us when working for a fiddle dealer in Nottingham and one of the first things asked for was a fiddle. After a magic hour or two food might be eaten!

These two should be played with slight swing, less than indicated in the music.

Birthday Reel

As more than one tune cannot be posted I have added McDonalds to the end of the Birthday reel. Enjoy!

Eh, why? Why not just wait 24 hours and the post the next tune instead of having 2 on one page?

😏 ~ Weird, must be a cello player. Playing one of those things between your legs shake you up so much it does serious nerve damage… Bless the poor souls… 😉 Why stop with two. You could probably easily hide a whole O’Neill’s worth here.

Ah, it’s gone. We’ll look forward to it’s return sometime after 3 p.m. tomorrow…

> 😏 ?

Is it really played fully swung?

Nice little melody by the way…

“These two should be played with slight swing, less than indicated in the music.

# Posted on August 9th 2008 by Gander Dave “