Two recordings of
The Rolling Waves
The Rolling Waves

The Rolling Waves (jig) is also known as The Humours Of Trim, The Rolling Wave.

The Rolling Waves (jig) is also known as Bill The Weaver, The Limerick Lass, The Lonesome, Maguire’s, Maguire’s Clan March, Maguire’s Kick, Maguire’s March, McGuire’s Kick, McGuire’s March, Osna Ḟadċuṁaċ, The Rolling Wave, Saoistí Ṫoinne, The Sprig Of Stradone, The Spring Of Stradone.

The Pipers' Gathering 2016, Vol. 1 by Pipers Gathering

  1. 12-16 Two Step
  2. The Lonesome
  3. The Rolling Wave

Thousands of Flowers by Tomoyo Sugai

  1. The Rolling Waves
  2. The Rolling Waves