Da New Rigged Ship reel

Also known as Da New Riggid Ship Yo, Da New Riggit Ship, The New Rigged Ship, The New Riggit Ship, The New-rigged Ship.

There are 49 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Da Full Rigged Ship (a few times) and Hand Me Down The Tackle (a few times).

Da New Rigged Ship has been added to 424 tunebooks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Da New Rigged Ship
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eg|a2 ab ageg|a2 ab agef|g2 gg fgag|f2 d2 d2 eg|
a2 ab ageg|a2 ab agef|g2 gg fgag|f2 d2 d2 ed||
^cAcA B2 ed|^cAcA E2 ed|^cAcA B2 ed|^c2 A2 A2 ed|
^cAcA B2 ed|^cAcA E2 ed|^cAcA B2 ed|^c2 A2 A2 AB||
|:cdec BcdB|ABAF GF E2|cdec BcdB|1 c2 A2 A2 AB:|2 c2 A2A2||
X: 2
T: Da New Rigged Ship
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eg|:a2ab ageg|agab agef|g2ge fgag|1 f2d2-d2eg:|2 f2d2-d2ed|
|:^cecA B2 ed|^cecA E2 ed|^cecA B2 ed|1 ^c2A2-A2ed:|2 ^c2A2-A2AB|
|:cdec BcdB|ABAF GF ED|cdec BcdB|1 c2A2-A2AB:|2 c2A2-A4||

Nineteen comments

See "Da Full Rigged Ship"

This tune and Da Full Rigged Ship are of Shetland orign. Da New Rigged Ship appears on one of Altan’s albums (don’t ask me which one) after the song Donal agus Morag. I don’t know whether they got the tune from local (Donegal) players or whether they drew from other sources, but I suspect Altan’s recording is largely responsible for bringing the tune into the wider Irish music circles.

Altan plays the tune with Donal agus Morag the last part first. We do a "Scottish set" with it of Castle Kelly speeding up into Da New Rigged Ship into Gravel Walk.


Aly Bain does a beautiful rendition of these two in a set on his CD "Fully Rigged" (with Ale Moller), which is full of gorgeous Shetland and Scandinavian tunes. Worth a listen if you get the chance! Pete Cooper’s group in Camden perform them as a set with a few people doing high, screechy squealing noises (I don’t know any other way to describe it!) on their fiddles to sound like seagulls, which definitely adds to the sea-going flavour!

I went to a session in Limerick, and this tune was played. One of the fiddlers told me they always called it D

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That’s because it appears on Altan’s "Harvest Storm" with the song D

I know this one from Maggie Sansome’s =Mist and Stone=. She medleys it with Shelder Geo & Sleep Soond Ida Morning, a nice combination. It lays very nicely on my piano dulcimer.

Number of parts - 2 or 3??

The way this is written in notation here shows a double length A part followed by a short, repeated B part. However, in looking at the actual notes, it appears that it should be a three part tune, with a normal length A, B and then C part - 8 measures each. The third and forth lines differ only in the last two notes, so could have been written as a two ending repeat, as well.


(I it ‘post’ before i was ready…)

Would that be right?

I’m having a bit of trouble finding this tune rather than the similarly named jig. It is a dandy.

The Maids of Mt. Kisco is a tune that works well after this one.

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Da New Rigged Ship - a Mixed Mode tune

Athough this tune has been submitted as A-Dorian, it’s actually of mixed mode:

-The first 8 bars are D-Mixolydian
-The second 8 bars are effectively A-Major (athough there is no no G#)
3 The third 8 bars are A-Dorian

This tune is very special.

It’s a well known misprint.

It has "New" in my copy of the book :-/

(which does have "Mrs Jameson’s Favourite" - is that right ?)

My version of the book has both "Da New… " and "Da Full …" but these titles are attributed to a jig and a reel respectively. Which is the wrong way round.

Oops yes, right you are :-(

Da New Rigged Ship

The tunes in 4/4 seem to be "Da Full rigged ship" with 24 bars, while those in 6/8 tend to be "The New rigged ship" with 32 bars. Two quite separate tunes. However as with most traditional tunes or songs there is the odd version of both to disprove this. I believe from the form of the tunes that "Full is of Shetland/Scandinavian origin and "New" to be Scottish/English origin.

"I believe from the form of the tunes that "Full is of Shetland/Scandinavian origin and "New" to be Scottish/English origin."

Nope. The 6/8 is "Da Full Rigged Ship" and the reel is "Da New Rigged Ship". Both Shetland tunes (not of Scandinavian origin - at least there is no evidence, and they don’t have Scandinavian structures). "The New rigged Ship" is also the title of a quite different jig, and probably the one you are thinking of.
A good source is Tam Anderson’s "Ringing Strings".