Two recordings of
Da New Rigged Ship
Hand Me Down The Tackle

Da New Rigged Ship (reel) is also known as Da New Riggid Ship Yo, Da New Riggit Ship, The New Rigged Ship, The New Riggit Ship, The New-rigged Ship.

Hand Me Down The Tackle (reel) is also known as Bob Steele’s, The Boys Of New York, The Hand Down On My Tackle, Hand Down The Tackle, Hand Me Down My Tackle, Hand Me Down The Tackles, Miss Flanagan, The Pure Drop, Reidy Johnnson’s, Reidy Johnson, Reidy Johnson’s, Sin Chugam Anuas An Tacla, Tom Steele, Tom Steele’s.

Across The Waters - Irish Traditional Music From England by Various Artists

  1. The New Rigged Ship
  2. Shamrock Hill
  3. Hand Me Down The Tackle

The Rough Guide To Irish Music by Various Artists

  1. Da New Rigged Ship
  2. Gan Ainm
  3. Hand Me Down The Tackle