Micho’s march

Also known as Micho Russell’s March, Micho Russell’s Polka.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Micho's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F|A2 A>B|A3- A/4B/4A/4G/4|FA de|f2 f/e/d/B/|
A3 (3B/c/B/|A2 A (3B/c/d/|ed ef|d2 dF|
Az AA/A/|AA/A/ AA/A/|dA de|f2 f/e/d/B/|
A3 (3B/c/B/|A2 A (3B/c/d/|ed ef|d2 d2||
gg/g/ eg|ff/f/ d2|gg/g/ eg|fd BA|
gg e2|fa d>f|a2 a>b|a2 af|
g (3g/a/g/ eg|ff/f/ d2|gg/g/ eg|fa BA|
gg e2|fa d>f|a2 ab|a2 a||
X: 2
T: Micho's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F|A2 A>B|A2 A/B/A/G/|FA de|f2 f/e/d/B/|
A3 B|A2 A/B/c/d/|ed ef|d2 d-:|
|:d|gg/g/ eg|ff/f/ d2|gg/g/ eg|fd BA|
gg e2|fa d>f|a2 a>b|a2 a:|
X: 3
T: Micho's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|:A2 A>A|AA A/B/A/G/|FA de|f>g f/e/d/B/|
FA/>A/ AB|A2 A (3B/c/d/|e/f/e/d/ ef|1 d2 dB:|2 d2 dz||
K: Amix
gg/g/ eg/g/|ff df|gg/g/ eg|fd BA|
g>g ee/g/|ff d/e/f/g/|a>a ab|aa- a/g/f|
g>g ee/e/|ff df|gg/g/ e>e|fd BA|
g>g e>e|ff d/e/f/g/|a>a ab|a2 a/g/f||

Nineteen comments

"Micho’s March"

Micho referred to this as a ‘polka’, among the tunes they used to play for the sets in Clare. It fits, and turning marches to the same duty as polkas is not new. Also, marches were used for the old sets of quadrilles. A recording of this can be found here ~

"Micho Russell: Ireland’s Whistling Ambassador"

Track 13 ~ "The Road to Galway" / gan ainm ("Micho’s March")

Even Micho’s way of playing it has the march about it… Bits of the basic melody seem familiar, but I didn’t manage to find a connection, at least not yet. If I do, and there’s a name, I’ll adjust this, but for now the title credits the source, Micho Russell…

Az AA/A/- | AA/A/- AA/A/ |

It would take a lot to fully transcribe a tune by Micho, as the breaths and every tongue add to the interest of his style. In this run of notes he doesn’t breat them but does give a small rise in dynamics with a little rise in air pressure to start off the first A of each group ~ AA/A/- ~ but no break, no tongue…

Because of the style this is, in my mind, from his older repertoire, what he would have learned from his mother or other concertina players he was influenced by as a young lad…

Clare Polkas

Clare Polkas ~ can have more of the march surviving in them…
I’ve heard Mary MacNamara play a set with that feeling in them. I was sure they were marches, and am still, but on the recording and as they are here on site I believe they are listed as polkas. I can’t just remember which pair and I don’t see them listed on her two albums… It may come to me, hopefully.

"Micho’s March" ~ in a compact form

X: 2
T: Micho’s March
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: march / polka
K: Dmaj
|: F |\
A2 A>B | A2 A/B/A/G/ | FA de | f2 f/e/d/B/ |
A3 B | A2 A/B/c/d/ | ed ef | d2 d- :|
|: d |\
gg/g/ eg | ff/f/ d2 | gg/g/ eg | fd BA |
gg e2 | fa d>f | a2 a>b | a2 a :|

"Micho Russell’s"

I’m pretty sure that Teada does this as ‘Micho Russell’s’ in a set of polkas on ‘Inne Amarach’. It’s track 9 and starts off w/Planxty Crilly and ends w/Mickey Callaghan’s. Not sure why, but the site has the recording w/that name linked to a reel of the same name?!

Yes mrkelahan, I’ve not put down Micho’s name by itself, as an alternate title, because it will link to too much. If anyone can confirm that Teada has the same tune, then we can either include a link in the comments for their recording, or, have the title specifically as Micho Russell’s Polka. I’ll see if that will hold in the alternate titles…

No, it won’t hold polka, but, if I move this to ‘barndance’, since it has that march quality about it, then it will hold ‘polka’ too… Here goes, forgive me, those of you who will frown on this adjustment… :-p

"Micho Russell’s March / Polka"

It worked… But I’m not sure if the same will hold in the tunes list, it might…

"Micho Russell’s March / Polka"

No, it doesn’t look like the tune list at Recordings took, but a mighty effort. Cheers!

They won’t have changed it yet. I’ve only just emailed them this morning… So, my fingers are still crossed… Thanks for directing me to the other recording, I’ll have to chase it up…

~ or ~ 😏 ~ Micho Russell’s Polka / Mickey Callaghan’s Slide

We played this tune in a Grupa Ceoil competition a few years ago, except it was in C.

There is a tape I have, a compilation of different whistle players. Micho plays this on it and the tune is called The Lisdoonvarna Polka.

Micho in the key of C ~ & "Micho Russell’s" & "The Lisdoonvarna"

Micho often played a C whistle and I have quite a few recordings where he’s playing just that, whatever the tune be or usual key… But I also like C ~ D Dorian, a minor, etc… 😉

I wanted to avoid the swamp of unrelated possibilities that would happen using names shared by many tunes, like "Micho Russell’s" & "The Lisdoonvarna", so I’ve tended to not list those in the ‘alternate titles’. This one is not so common. The other problem is that the tracks, many of them, would link back here, though they are different tunes…

K: C ~ Micho in the key of C ~ transposed up to D

Sorry, I had written down to say that Micho was playing this on a C whistle, so it was transcribed from that and here I’ve transposed it to the more common key of D…

Thanks for reminding me Paddy… I’ve been a little bit semi-conscious again ~ still not enough sleep, but it’s getting better…

"Téada: Inné Amárach"

Track 9.) Planxty Crilly / polka: Micho Russell’s / slide: Mickey Callaghan’s

X: 3
T: Micho’s March
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: polka / march
N: Transposed from Bb to D
K: Dmaj
B |:\
A2 A>A | AA A/B/A/G/ | FA de | f>g f/e/d/B/ |
FA/>A/ AB | A2 A (3B/c/d/ | e/f/e/d/ ef |[1 d2 dB :|[2 d2 dz ||
K: Amix
gg/g/ eg/g/ | ff df | gg/g/ eg | fd BA |
g>g ee/g/ | ff d/e/f/g/ | a>a ab | aa- a/g/f |
g>g ee/e/ | ff df | gg/g/ e>e | fd BA |
g>g e>e | ff d/e/f/g/ | a>a ab | a2 a/g/f |]

Téada ~ "Micho Russell’s Polka"

Sorry, forgot to change the T: ~ 😏