Easter Thursday three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: Easter Thursday
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:"Dm"d4 de f2 e2 d2|"Am"e2 A4 c2 B2 A2|"Bb"B4 Bc d2 c2 B2|
"F"c2 F4 c2 B2 A2|"Gm"GA B2 "Dm"AG F2 "Gm"GF E2|"Dm"FE D2 "Am"FG A2 "Dm"D4:|
|:"Dm"agfe f2 a2 d2 a2|"Gm"bagf "C"e2 g2 c2 g2|"F"agfe "Bb"d2 f2 B2 f2|
"A"gfed ^c2 e2 A2 (F2|"Dm"F2) (G2"Am"G2) (A2"Dm"A2) (B2|"Gm"B2) (A2"Dm"A2) d2 "A"e2 ^c2:|"Dm"Hd8||

Six comments

From 1733

That’s the date that Peter Barnes notes for this tune in his volume 1 of English country dance tunes. The only chord change is: He adds an Edim above the G at the top of the fourth measure of the B part, then proceeds to the A chord (as you also have it) above the C# in that same measure.

I submitted this because I love the tune - I was trying to find a copy of it on the internet to see if its the same as the one I learned from my fiddle teacher in Lancashire. I found this abc notation and thought I’d put it on here (I can’t read abc really) to see if its the same tune as the one I know!

Thanks for your comment vonnie.
If anyone else knows anything about it - please enlighten.

Nice Renaissance-like tune…

Has anyone encountered this in an Irish Session-like context?

Nope, not me, only Playford and other Country Dance settings…

Re: Easter Thursday

Makes a pleasant pairing with ‘The Presbyterian Hornpipe’ (from ‘John of the Green’), which is in G min and has some similar phrases and fingerings.