Maguire’s Favourite polka

Also known as Maguire’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maguire's Favourite
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|:BD DD|Ec c2|c/B/A/G/ FA|Dd d>c|
BD DD|Ec c2|c/B/A/G/ FA|1 G2 Gd/c/:|2 G2 GB/c/||
|:dd ee|dg/d/ BG/B/|dd ee|dg/d/ B2|
gg f2|ee G2|F/G/A/B/ cF|1 AG GB/c/:|2 AG G2||

Three comments

Maguire’s Polka

This may well be in the database under another name.

I heard this tune years ago on an excellent compilation called “From Erin’s Green Shore”: it was played by a melodeonist whose name I don’t know, and followed by Michael Gorman playing Tralee Gaol on fiddle; the last tune in that set was Maggie In The Wood. This set is also on “Her Mantle So Green”, an album of Michael Gorman’s and Margaret Barry’s music which is in the Recordings base.

I can’t remember if it was played in D or G on that album, but D pitches it a little high so I’ve entered it in G as a more user-friendly key.

“(The) Memories Of Ballymote” / “(The) Church Street” ~ a shared A-part

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on April 1st 2003 by Bannerman.

Re: Maguire’s Favourite

The Melodeon player was Tommy Maguire (hence the name?)