One recording of
Metal Man
Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie

Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie (slip jig) is also known as Rantin, Roarin Willie, Rantin, Roarin Willy, Rantin’ Roarin’ Willie, Rantin’ Roarin’ Willy, Rantin’, Roarin’ Willie, Rantin’, Roarin’ Willy, Ranting Roaring Willie, Ranting Roaring Willy, Rattlin Roarin Willie, Rattlin Roarin Willy, Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie, Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willy, Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie, Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willy, Rattling Roaring Willie, Rattling Roaring Willy.

Bowin' and Scrapin' by Barry Dransfield

  1. Rattling Roaring Willie
  2. Metal Man