John Kimmel’s Accordion Fantasy hornpipe

Also known as Accordion Fantasy, John J. Kimmel’s Accordion Fantasy, Kimmel’s Accordion Fantasy, Medley Of Straight Jigs.

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Kimmel's Accordion Fantasy
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d2d'>b (3afd a>g|(3fff f>e d>cB>A|B>c(3dcB (3Add (3dcd|(3fed (3Bcd (3cBA (3cBA|
d2d'>b (3afd a>g|(3fff f>e d>cB>A|B>c(3dcB (3Adf (3agf|1 (3gec (3ABc d2(3ABc:|2 (3gec (3ABc d3f||
|:e3f a2a>f|e>fe>c B>AF>A|E>FA>B c>fe>c|c>BB>A B2(3Bcd|
e3f a2a>f|e>fe>c B>AF>A|E>FA>B c>fe>c|1 B>A(3BcB A2(3Bcd:|2 B>A(3BcB A2(3abc'||
|:d'>b(3afd (3d'af (3afd|g4 f3d|B>c(3dcB (3Add (3dcd|(3fed (3Bcd (3cBA (3cBA|
d'>b(3afd (3d'af (3afd|g4 f3d|B>c(3dcB (3Adf (3agf|1 (3gec (3ABc d2(3abc':|2 (3gec (3ABc d2f>B||
|:B>f(3dcB f>dB>f|g>fe>f g>fe>g|f>Bc>g g2f2|f>Bc>g g2f2|
(3bbb (3bbb b>ag>f|(3gfe c>e (3gfe c>e|(3fff f>g f>ec>d|1 B>bf>d B2b2:|2 B>bf>d B>AB>c||
|:d2d>e f2f>g|a2a>b a>fe>d|d'2b2 a>fe>d|B>c(3dcB e>cB>A|
d2d>e f2f>g|a2a>b a>fe>d|d'2b2 a>fe>d|(3Bcd e>c d>AB>c:|
|:d4 d'3c'|c'2b4 (3def|a4 f3d|e2c'>b (3aba (3gec|
d4 d'3c'|c'2b4 (3def|a>bc'>b (3aba (3gec|1 d2d>c d2B>c:|2 d2d>c d4||
|:(3fff f>d e>df>e|(3dfa (3d'aa b>c'(3d'c'b|(3afd (3Adf (3baf (3dfd|(3ece c'>b (3aba (3gfe|
(3fff f>d e>df>e|(3dfa (3d'aa b>c'(3d'c'b|a>g(3fed (3cBA (3GFE|1 (3DFG (3ABc (3dAB (3cde:|2 (3DFG (3ABc d4||
a>g(3fed (3cBA (3GFE|(3DFG (3ABc d2d'2||
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John Kimmel’s Accordion Fantasy

I learnt this from Humdinger by Paul Brock and Enda Scahill. It took me ages to learn, so I hope it is right. Some people might prefer to play parts of it an octave lower to avoid the high Ds.

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What’s the origin of this tune, is it irish? Brilliant all the same!