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One setting

X: 1
T: Bill Maley's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emix
EF|:GE E2 FECE|B,EGB cBGE|B,2 Bc ^dcBA|(3GAB ef geBA|
GE E2 FECE|B,EGB cBGE|B,2 Bc ^dBAF|1 EeBG E2 EF:|2 EeBG E2 ef||
geBG eBGB|cB^AB fe^dc|Bcef geag|f2 eg fBef|
geBG eBGB|cB^AB fe^dc|Bgfe ^dBcd|1 e2 ^df edef:|2 e2 ^df e4||
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Bill Maley’s

From “The Kitchen Recordings”, by Sean O’Driscoll and Larry Egan. Sleeve notes say that this is a composition of Bill Maley, a fiddler from Nova Scotia. Not entirely sure about the key/mode, but it sounded correct when played back. Not really a flute or whistle tune in this key, but I like it and thought it worth posting.

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Abc help needed…

As I’ve said before, I’m no expert in modes. The way I’ve posted this works, but would it be correct if I removed the ^s from the "d" notes, and changed the mode to E mixolydian ?
"ceolachan" , "Dow", Will…..?

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Kenny - some of the accidentals don’t quite make sense. There’s already a D# in the key signature - are they meant to be a D-naturals (that would make it E-mixolydian)?

And the E-naturals? The E is not affected by the key signature, so they’re all natural anyway. Are they meant to be E#s?

It would be nice to find out how it really goes - you haven’t posted a dud tune yet.

😏 ~ E Major already has ^D throughout… & ~ the tune as transcribed here resolves on E… 😏

…shame nobody chimed in before Jeremy put up the sheet music.

Ola! granama, we were obviosly simulcasting…


Yes! ~ I’d also meant to say about the B-part, bars 1, 4 & 5’s =e ~ ???

‘morphic resonance’ ~ I like it…

E Major or E Mixolydian

It works either way, E Mix or E Major ~ and there are other possibilities, but I’m not going there… E Major has a brighter quality about it and E Mix adds a bit of shadow with the D nats…

Sorry I haven’t either recording Kenny, but if you sent me a small fragment MP3-d I could check it…

~ but you’ve got great ears yourself, much more important than transcription skills, which are also generally good…

😀 ~ Yeah, me too…

That makes 3 of us….

Sorry, people – I’ve been a bit too ambitious with this. I”ve changed the "abcs" mode to Emix, and removed the sharps from the high "e"s in the 2nd part. It sounds as it should when played back in the "midi". My apologies about the sheet music - next time I’ll consult the experts in advance !
Thanks for the offer of help, "granama".

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Hey, there were two of us here… 🙁 But we both forgot to extend an actual offer of help. We were just here simultaneously and I think we were enjoying the tune too much to think about that…


Sorry "c", "granama" sent me a PM. I’ll get in touch with one of you next time I need advice. Much appreciated, as always.

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Re: Bill Maley’s

I agree with Jim here, this is "Reel de l’Aveugle, a traditional French Canadian tune recorded at least as far back as the 30’s. Also, I’ve never heard of a fiddler named "Bill Maley", but have heard of Nova Scotia fiddler Bill Lamey. Just thought I’d put that out there…

Also, Kenny, I would have transposed it to D, since on the album you mention they’re playing a step sharp.