Reel à Ti-Mé reel

Also known as Reel Ti Me.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Reel à Ti-Mé
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
afbf afde|fafe dBAG|FAdA FAdf|eB B/B/B B2ef|g2ga gfed|
c2cd c2cB|1 Acef gfga|ba^ga f2fg:|2 Acef gecA|dfec d2AF||
|:D2FA dAFD|G2BG =cGBG|AAeA AfAA|g3g fecA|
D2FA dAFD|G2BG =cGBG|AAeA AfAA|gece d4:|

Six comments

Reel Ti-Me

Unfortunately i don’t know much about the origin of this tune other than where i got it (Jigsaw)

Great tune tho… and loads of fun on the fiddle.

Reel Ti-Me

Googlesays: Written by Marcel Messervier

Reel Ti-Me

This is a popular Quebecois tune played in many places.
Tune 106 in the book ‘Danse ce Soir’.
from that book " Ti-Me is the nickname of Messervier’s father in law Aime, a fiddler…"

whenever someone says that a tune is fun to play on fiddle, it’s great for whistle too x)

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Reel ti me

Marcel Messervier is a great accordeon maker and player living in Montmagny Quebec , he composed many
beautifull tunes he has a great style for french canadian set dance. Great energy and swing . One of the master of the " small accordeon " with Philippe Bruno

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