Yr Hen Gythraul slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Yr Hen Gythraul
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|: [M: 5/8] cB cB^A | B^A BAG | [M: 7/8] FGG EG EG | FGG ^AG F2 :|
|: [M: 5/8] EB GEE | ED E^AB | [M: 7/8] ^ABB AG AG | ^ABB AG F2 :|
|: [M: 5/8] Ec dcd | f^a gff | [M: 7/8] ecd ec dc | B^AA BG F2 :|

Eleven comments

"Yr Hen Gythraul" ~ a musical Gypsy curse ~ F Phrygian Dominant

Light on this, and darkness, will be shed on this as I ramble. This is a melodic curse on all as*holes in the world who take pleasure in being cruel. The curse is akin to the Chinese one "May you live in interesting times." But this is more specifically a wish that those demented souls experience the trials, challenges and experiences, without causing any extra or unscheduled harm to others, that will possibly humanize them, make them more considerate of others and more understanding and empathic.

Today we passed by what was a nice bus shelter, used by students and the elderly and many others, but someone last night had picked up two large stones and broken every bit of glass in the sides and the top and all about were the shards of their damage. Why? Was it to prove they could have an effect on something, on their local community, a statement that "I’m here!" Isn’t learning a skill, like music or dance, more constructive use of their time? Do they lack that small intelligence to tell the difference between constructive use of their time and destructive abuse? What experiences and history has made twisted them so. Why this violence?

So, this curse is not one of cruelty, except that some of the trials that can humanize us might seem cruel. While these people attacked a bus shelter, and by connection also attacked those that use it regularly, those that design them, put them up and maintain them, and we the tax payers that pay for it all ~ there are similar a*sholes who choose to attack the character of others.

Mostly my experiences here on this site have been good, not just good, great. I’ve met and exchanged time with a slew of lovely characters, and I’ve enjoyed following endless threads exchanging humour, heart and thought with the lot of you. In my experience the jerks are in a very small minority. But I’ve stumbled into the path of a few. And I know there are always reasons and experiences that can lessen us all to the point of being rude and inconsiderate, myself included.

Recently I was feeling another loss, actually several, but I wasn’t making all that public, an aunt ended her struggle with cancer and my ma is not well, and I was supposed to be with her this summer but that didn’t happen. In amongst all these other things I also recieved the news that Vincent Broderick had died. That came on top of too many other disappointments and frustrations.

PHISHING ~ In that moment of loss I let slip in the chat that I had been trying to chase up a tape made of him awhile back, Vincent playing his own tunes. That’s something I’ve at least annually tried a search for. Then, out of the blue, I get an email via this site from someone saying they wanted to send me their copy. I was chuffed, taken aback. I sent them all my details and a thank you and information to confirm I had an existance outside of this site and the nickname someone had given me ~ ‘ceolachan’… To me the recording would, as some will know, be considered priceless. I wouldn’t want someone just trusting my alias, so I rambled a bit. I was seriously excited about getting the recording. I also offered to digitize it and return a red book CD of it when returning the cassette.

I wasn’t ready for the nastiness, which began from the start and included half a dozen emails that just got worse. I kept getting increasingly more and more apologetic, as if I were at fault. So, they didn’t like me or my presence on this site, or anything about me, and I irritated the hell out of them. Did they need to go phishing for me to tell me all this? In the end, and I doubt they ever had the recording at all, they said they weren’t going to send it to me and that I was never to correspond with them again, basically telling me to f’k off! And, following all their suggestions, including taking an introspective view of my potential abuses of presence here on site, all communication ended.

This curse if for the likes of that kind of as*hole.

OF NO IMPORTANCE! ~ Just so no one else feels the need to go phishing for my details, you’ll know by their treatment that I’m small fry ~ to be thrown back, though I don’t see the necessity to have been so nasty in the process. I don’t mind being small fry, I love the sea. I suspect if I’d been some influential character they would have kissed ass, brown nosed, which would have been equally as bad and irritating.

So, while I’m not one to hold a grudge, my wife does that for me, a little gypsy curse isn’t beyond me, and this one’s for that jerk and other folks that seem to get some perverted pleasure out of being nasty to others. No, it’s not me being nasty back, it is a wish that they live in times so interesting that they get some of their own medicine back, that karma takes hold of them and might just result in making them more humane and considerate toward others. That’s my hope, that they become a better person.

Who knows what makes someone go sour? I don’t. So, really, people who have so little and feel the need to belittle others, or to smash things up and vandalize property ~ or another’s character ~ they deserve pity not spite. But, right now, I’m still feeling a little spite. It will eventually wear off, blow away. Like midges in season, it’s temporary, and usually there’s the greater beauty about to help balance the pain, and they’re added protein at mealtime and teatime…

Anyhow, you lot, on the whole, are a lovely bunch, appreciated. You’ve helped me to weather some tough times…

NOTE: When I bring up something personal, like my dyslexia, an uncooperative memory that refuses to respond on demand, or moan about having lost sleep ~ it isn’t about me, it isn’t seeking sympathy, it is generally me making an excuse for a screw up… Why, because this music, the tradition, means a hell of a lot more to me than my small discomforts or confusions. I honestly feel sorry when I mess up a lovely tune, as in a transcription, even if it’s minor or mixolydian… 😏

This sort of ramble, this will wind that jerk up royal… It may irritate others too, apologies, but it is who I am, love it or hate it…

My musical curse is on all the jerks out there who seem to get pleasure out of putting others down, out of cruelty… I feel sorry for you, whatever it is that makes you ‘a nasty piece of work’ ~ ‘Yr Hen Gythraul’… I’m just glad you’re in the minority, as far as my experiences go… Such behaviour does no one or anything any good. It is also not the general experience I’ve had with the ‘tradition’, or here… It has no part in it. It tradition’s antithesis ~ like the neighbour who sprayed all out plants, herbs, veggies and native tree seedlings with some kind of plant killer ~ killing all that life and leaving the ground barren… That is the effect of a cruel act, it does not promote health or life… So, those of you who commit acts of cruelty on others, my curse on you ~ one of ‘interesting times’…

For the greater good it is also a blessing, if in mixed meter… πŸ˜‰

A-Rhythmic / CC-Rhythmic

This should also help to sort out the A-Rhythmic banger from the Conscious & Considerate percussionist/musician…

Rhythm-Wise, accompaniment of any sort ~ s omeone with a few basics but an understanding and respect for the music and the other musicians present is in my experience much more appreciated than someone with tons-o-tricks and no ears, respect or sense…

Talisman 😎

Maybe like garlic or the cross it would better serve as a talisman against the likes of ‘Yr Hen Gythraul’… They probably dread smilies too, so here’s another ~ πŸ˜‰

"Yr Hen Gythraul"

Yr Hen = the old
pronounced ~ uhrrr Hay-n

Gythraul is a mutated (c to g) form of the word Cythraul
pronounced ~ guh - th (unvoiced, as in bath) - rrrye - ul

There isn’t an equivalent word in English, but here’s some attempt ~ ‘Bad spirit’, ‘devil’, ‘demon’, ‘fiend’, ‘evil/bad/wicked/naughty person’ ~ ‘a nasty piece of work’…

Ooooooo!!! Sorry, I forgot the B…

What’s a ‘hedgemumper’, sounds ~ I won’t say…

That’s my usual route, I was hoping for the personal touch… πŸ˜‰

Ah well, ye know now right enough. Someone who sleeps under hedges! and the like.πŸ™‚mind you, its been a while…..

Ye also! I have fond memories of hedges around the world…