Jig Jazz jig

By Brendan Power

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jig Jazz
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
efa ~b2a|fed ~B2A|BdB ~d3|Bdd bfd|
efd' b2a|fed ~B2A|BdB ~d3|1 ~B3 B2z:|2 B2e fab||
d'bc'- c'2a|bd'a- abf|fed ~B2A|G2A Bcd|
eab d'2b|c'2a ~b2a|fed ~B2A|B2e fab|
d'e'c'- c'2a|bd'a- abf|fed ~B2A|G2A Bcd|
eab d'2b|c'2a bc'd'|e'c'd' bc'a|bga fed||
|:efa ~b2a|fed ~B2A|BdB ~d3|Bdd bfd|
efd' b2a|fed ~B2A|BdB d2d|1 ~B3 B2z:|2 B3 c3||
d2d- dBA|d2d efa|b/b/b a fed|efa b/b/b a|
fed efa|b/b/b a fed|edB d2B|~A3 AGF|
D2d dBA|d2d efa|b2a fed|~e2 ~f2 ~a2|
b2a fed|efa bc'd'|e'c'd' bc'a|bga fed||
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Seven comments

Awful tune.Modern kitsch.

B minor

is this not in B minor?

Couple of alterations

I think a couple of notes are different to the one I’ve hear Brendan Power play…. I’ll post my version from his playing and at least we’ll have both. Niall Keegan plays it similarly to this though. and nice positive comment from dafydd… if that is your real name…

Have to agree with dafydd on this one

Recording - Jig Jazz

Recorded by Brendan Power & Frank Kilkelly on a CD called, unsurprisingly, “Jig Jazz” PKCD001 of 1996. Harmonica & guitar.

So this is probably the definitive version(?) & well worth a listen - along with the rest of the CD.

And, yes, I have it as B minor in my pad (transcribed from aforementioned CD).

Please don’t condemn out of hand; not everybody likes every tune, agreed, but some new tunes are worth hearing over!

All the best

Peter Jenkins (which is my real name - don’t like hiding behind an alias)

Harmony for Jig Jazz and that key again

I note that the ABC (& therefore the sheet music) does not offer harmony, so it probably doesn’t matter if the key is described as E dorian or B minor.

I am no expert, but it appears that the key is only relevant when adding harmony (or implied harmony) and improvising.

With a key signature of 2 sharps (expected to be D major or B minor) it seems to be a matter of what note (c natural or c sharp) is played when using an E minor chord in say a II-V-I progression.

Take a look at http://www.piano-play-it.com/dorian-mode.html where it is explained eruditely.

I have no E minor chords in my version & don’t improvise (except for “unforced errors”), so the key is B minor, I’m afraid!

All the best

Peter Jenkins