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Two settings

X: 1
T: Glentrasna
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"G3G GDGe|dBAG "C"E4-|E8-|[M:2/4] E2 (3AGE|
[M:C]"A"G3G GDGB|degf "Bm"d4-|d8-|[M:2/4] d3 d|
[M:C]"Em"dege "D"deBG|"C" AB "Bm" c/B/A/G/ "Am"E4-|E8|[M:2/4] B3 A|
[M:C]"Em"G2DE GABe|"D"ed- d6-|d8|
|:"G"ABgf e2dB|cBAG "C"E4-|E8-|[M:2/4] E4|
[M:C]"G"ABga edde|gd "Bm"(3edB d4-|d8-|[M:2/4] d2 (3def|
[M:C]"Em"g2fg "D"edBG|"C"cd (3BAG "Am"E4-|E8-|[M:2/4] E2 BA|
[M:C]"Em"G2DE GABe|"D"d8-|d8:|
X: 2
T: Glentrasna
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
“G”G3G GDGe|dBAG “C”E4-|E8-|
“A”G3G GDGB|degf “Bm”d4-|d8-|
“Em”dege “D”deBG|“C” AB “Bm” c/B/A/G/ “Am”E4-|E8|
“Em”G2DE GABe|“D”ed- d6-|d8|
|:“G”ABgf e2dB|cBAG “C”E4-|E8-|
“G”ABga edde|gd “Bm”(3edB d4-|d8-|
“Em”g2fg “D”edBG|“C”cd (3BAG “Am”E4-|E8-|
“Em”G2DE GABe|“D”d8-|d8:|

Two comments


From ‘Notai- Music from the Recordings of Lunasa’-

“This was a version of the Scottish tune ‘Miss Admiral Gordon’s Strathspey’ that we turned into a slow reel. It has been recorded by many Scottish musicians but we first heard it played in Ireland by the great Liam O’Flynn and his ‘Piper’s Call’ band. This arrangement of the piece came while rehearsing in the idyllic setting of the Cooley Mountains, overlooking Carlingford Lough. Pat Fitzpatrick from Belfast, who had played with Trevor for many years previously in a rock band called ‘Katmandu’, came in and played piano on this track and added to the arrangement. The (above) transcription is of the low whistle part.”

This appears to be the last un-posted track from Lunasa’s most recent album, Se. I’ve submitted this tune in the more flute/whistle friendly key of G. Here it is in the original key of A:

C:Trad., Arr. by Lunasa
“G”G3G GDGe | dBAG “C”E4- | E8- |
[M:2/4] E2 (3AGE | [M:C]
“A”G3G GDGB | degf “Bm”d4- | d8- |
[M:2/4] d3 d | [M:C]
“Em”dege “D”deBG | “C” AB “Bm” c/B/A/G/ “Am”E4- | E8 |
[M:2/4] B3 A | [M:C]
“Em”G2DE GABe | “D”ed- d6- | d8 |
|: “G”ABgf e2dB | cBAG “C”E4- | E8- |
[M:2/4] E4 | [M:C]
“G”ABga edde | gd “Bm”(3edB d4- | d8- |
[M:2/4] d2 (3def | [M:C]
“Em”g2fg “D”edBG | “C”cd (3BAG “Am”E4- | E8- |
[M:2/4] E2 BA | [M:C]
“Em”G2DE GABe | “D”d8- | d8 :|

Hopefully this time around my ABC’s are error-free!