Two recordings of
The New Copperplate
The Heather Breeze

The New Copperplate (reel) is also known as (New) Copperplate, The Copper Plate, The Copperplate, Hardymans Fight.

The Heather Breeze (reel) is also known as Feoithne Fhraoch, Gigue à Ti-Mé, The Heathery Braes, Heathery Breeze, The Heathery Breeze.

Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2008 by Various Artists

  1. The Heathery Breeze
  2. The Copperplate
  3. Miss McLeod’s

Tom Carey by Tom Carey

  1. The Glass Of Beer
  2. The Heathery Breeze
  3. The Copperplate