Three recordings of
The New Copperplate
Ah Surely

The New Copperplate (reel) is also known as (New) Copperplate, The Copper Plate, The Copperplate, Hardymans Fight.

Ah Surely (reel) is also known as Ah Surely !, Ah, Surely, Ah, Surely!, Ah! Surely, Aye Surely, Aye’ Surely, Bearna Na Gaoithe, The Boys Of The 25, Cinnte Le Dia, Gap In The Winds, John Quinn’s Favourite, Killabeg House, Killaghbeg House, The Rose In The Garden, Up Cloontia, The Windy Gap.

Oldtime Records Vol 2 (U.S. Recordings) by Various Artists

  1. Streams Of Poolaphuca
  2. The Copperplate
  3. Ah Surely

The Truckley Howl by John Blake, Mairéad Hurley and Nathan Gourley

  1. Ah Surely
  2. The Copperplate

The Wavy Bow Collection by John Carty and James Carty

  1. Streams Of Poulaphouca
  2. The Copperplate
  3. Aye’ Surely