Glass Island reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Glass Island
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
Be e2 Bege|ce e2 cege|df f2 dfaf|gaba gfed|
Be e2 Bege|ce e2 cege|df f2 dfab|agfg e4|
Be e2 Bege|ce e2 cege|df f2 dfaf|gaba gfed|
Be e2 Bege|ce e2 cege|df f2 dfab|agfg e4|

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Searched for this tune but did not find it here; please forgive me if the tune appears under another name.

A great fun tune for flute, whistle, or fiddle.

nice tune!

Hope I will never hear it played in the future.


So where did it come from ?

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I learned this from a couple of the musicians in our session, Cory and Alec. I don’t know where they originally learned the tune, though I have seen a photocopied page out of an unidentified tune book that had the tune pretty much as given here.

The tamlin’s influence is everywhere. Unfortunately, it always gives the same tune at the end. 🙁

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Arpeggio practice

Sorry about the vomit on the floor guys, I’ll clean it up.

Looks like the cleaner is away on holiday. Pity.

Well, *I* like it.

mind, beardflute’s transcription is accurate enough, but I think that this is a textbook example why for this music, the dots give a very, very small part of the picture. Midis of tunes on this site tend to be godawful, but the midi for this one is especially so.

There’s a recording of this Glass Island here - - it’s the third and last tune in the set. It’s a relentless, driving thing, and no transcription can come close to capturing that rhythm. Still might not be everyone’s cuppa, I realize - de gustibus, yadda - and I’m not sure how well this tune fit in at a session, where the backing on the recording I linked would be absent, but I rather like the one version I’ve heard of this tune played by real instruments.

Y’re dead right - NOT everyone’s cup of tea!

Well, I listened to that link you posted, T,D & M. Eeeee-u-u-u-u-u-uch!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible. All of it was fairly horrible. But this wretched tune was the worst. It IS basically Tam Lin … with added horrible bits.

No need to hold back, benhall.1, do tell us what you really think. 😉

I will say that if there’s a tune more polarizing than Tam Lin, I can’t imagine what it would be. Me, I love it and its kin.

I know, T,D & M - equivocating is a weakness of mine. If only I could be more direct.

You don’t really like Tam Lin, do you?

Glass Island Reel is by…

Ethan Hazzard-Watkins at age 17. The first tune he ever wrote.

I admit, I wrote this tune

Well I’m sort of hesitant to admit it given the discussion above, but I composed this tune in 1997. It was the first tune I wrote, at age 17 (as Alex mentioned). I play most of the quarter notes as bowed triplets. This tune was first published in a tune book called "Along the River" ( which is a collection of compositions by contra dance musicians in western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. It is also published in my tune book "A is for Avocado" ( This tune was never intended to be an Irish session tune; it is more accurately a contemporary contra dance tune. It has been recorded five or six times in addition to the Moving Violations version linked above.
- Ethan Hazzard-Watkins

Re: Glass Island

Just want to say I love this tune and we play it in my dance band! We play it after Indian Point jig the way the Moving Violations do and its great fun to switch from a jig to a reel, always kicks up the energy. I also love the Tamlyn. Glad someone finally posted who the composer is so we can give credit. Thanks Ethan!

Re: Glass Island

Composer name should be added to the abc tune!