The Love Of The Isles reel

Also known as Joy Of The Isles, The Joy Of The Isles, The Love O’ Da Isles, Love O’ The Isles, The Love O’ The Isles.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Love Of The Isles
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F>E|D3FA2D2|B3cd3 c/B/|A3FE2D2|E6 F>E|
D3FA2D2|B3cd3 c/B/|A3FE3D|D6 F>E|
D3FA2D2|B3cd3 c/B/|A2F2E2D2|E6 F>E|
D3FA2D2|B3cd3 c/B/|A3dc3d|d6 d>e|
f3ed3D|B3cd3 c/B/|A2f2e2d2|e6 d>e|
f3ed3D|B3cd3 c/B/|A3FE3D|D6 d>e|
f3ed2D2|B3cd3 B|A2f2e2d2|e6 AG|
F3GA2D2|B3cd3 G|F3AGECA,|D6 z2|
X: 2
T: The Love Of The Isles
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F>E|:D3F A2 D2|B3c d3 c/B/|A3F E2 D2|E6 F>E|
D3F A2 D2|B3c d3 c/B/|A3F E3D|D6:|
d>e|f3ed3D|B3c d3 c/B/|A2f2e2d2|e6 d>e|
f3e d3D|B3c d3 c/B/|A3F E3D|D6 d>e|
f3e d2D2|B3c d3 B|A2 f2 e2 d2|e6 AG|
F3G A2D2|B3 cd3 G|F3 AGECA,|D6||

Ten comments

The Love of the Isles

This is not a reel at all, of course, but an air. Just heard it played by Jenna Reid on RTE Lyric’s Gracenotes and thought it very pretty though slightly saccharine (I’m that type).

Apparently it was composed by Willie Hunter.

This is my first ever ABC attempt, so please smile benignly on this piece of work. Put in your own ornamentation please.


I’ll have to wait for the sheet music to see if it all makes sense, so if it’s a complete hash - patience.

ABCs to sheet music

Susanne, if you’re wanting to check that it makes sense *before* it gets cast in stone here, try downloading something like ABCNavigator (free) which will show you the sheet music effect of your ABCs as you type. Better than inflicting a complete hash here. Not that it looks that way …

"Apparently it was composed by Willie Hunter."

…of Shetland. So those are the isles it refers to.

Love of the Isles

Lovely tune which I learnt from Jenna Reid, but you have only submitted the A part of it. If you have Jenna’s CD, take a listen, and post the B-part, or else I’ll try to get round to doing so.

B-part? and ABCNavigator


really? I had another listen to the track played on the programme (, "Played on August 30", online until next Saturday), and there was only a repetition of the tune, no other part.

Ben Hall (any relation to the bushranger?),

thanks for the tip! I’m a linux user but, and - ahem - a rather clueless one at that. Any good?

Anyway, keep patting me into shape, I’m new to this forum and to the session world…

Love of the Isles

Well done for first try Susanne -

1) has a tune-a-tron where you can paste abc in, submit, the view the dots, get a pdf or listen to it in midi.
2) the blank line chops the tune off
3) You are allowed to edit the abc (preferably before it is converted to sheet-music/midi

with composer and repeat marks, I might have written something like

X: 1
T: Love Of The Isles, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
C: Willie Hunter
K: Dmaj
F>E |: D3F A2 D2 | B3c d3 c/B/ | A3F E2 D2 | E6 F>E |
D3F A2 D2 | B3c d3 c/B/ | A3F E3D | D6:|
d>e [| f3ed3D | B3c d3 c/B/ | A2f2e2d2 | e6 d>e |
f3e d3D | B3c d3 c/B/ | A3F E3D | D6 d>e |
f3e d2D2 | B3c d3 B | A2 f2 e2 d2 | e6 AG |
F3G A2D2 | B3 cd3 G | F3 AGECA, | D6|]

Hi Susanne!

So, you spend the summer months less than an hours drive from me. Hmmm …

Love of the Isles

Nice one Geoff. Susanne - Geoff’s posted the full transcription,as I know it, and as Jenna R does it on her CD. If you’re quick, you could replace your ABC with Geoff’s before the dots appear.

Remember to omit the "C: Willie Hunter" line

I’d also put a space between the A and G in the penultimate bar i.e.

Susanne - sorry I didn’t notice at first that the ABC did in fact have both parts but the blank line chopped off the B part when put into Tune a tron