Summer Hounds In Two polka

Also known as The Blessing, The Hounds, Kneel To McCracken, McCracken’s, McCracken’s Genius Tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Summer Hounds In Two
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:a>g fe|fe e2|f>e ec|Bc ef/g/|
a>g fe|aA Az|f>g fe|c2 B2:|
|:A>c ec|ec ec|A>c ec|f>g fe|
a>g fe|aA Az|f>g fe|1 c2 B2:|2 f2 g2||

Fifteen comments

Feasting Under Crooked Kersey the Summer Hounds in Two,
Awoke to find a piper, piping but to few.


So, you posted your own composition. Then you’re supposed to transcribe 5 old traditional tunes which haven’t been posted on this site. Scrutinise this page:

Welcome to The Session McCracken

They don’t have to be ‘ancient’, or the composer unknown, just not your compositions in a row…. We’ve had a few who took it on themselves to let us know their genius in sequence. I think I remember one that was six in sequence, and when someone finally said something, and it may have also been said by Jeremy via email ~ they dried up… Evidently the didn’t know anything else other their their own works? 😏

Another place to make positive contributions is with your version of tunes given in the ‘comments’ for tunes already here. That is generally well recieved…

You won’t be the first or last not to bother to read the FAQs, but it is always a good idea if you’re going to sign up and participate…

The session has been blessed with my tune. I don’t need the tune police hounding me about my Hounds. And YES I did read the rules about submissions, but the world is a better place due to my composition and that is not what the the rules intended to prevent. If so, then I am guilty. -McCracken

Uh oh, not another ego maniac…

The world is blessed by your tunes? So all Ireland and all us with our hearts in the tradition should kneel at the presence of your magnificence? We should consider ourselves blessed by your involvement and the genius of your compositions? Sorry, since you’ve pressed the issue with self adolation, I played it through a few times, but I won’t be repeating that. It does nothing for me.

Tune police, hardly, as you’ve convinced me, you did this as you did despite reading the FAQs. You obviously couldn’t give a damn, which is the nature of the beast, your own glare blinds you of the presence of others or the ability to show consideration for a tradition, whether one with only a few years behind it, like this website, or the older traditions that are represented here. I’ll keep out of your way, give you a wide berth, do my best to avoid your pomp & swagger…

Personal so quickly? A genius tune it is. One of the best original tunes here, but then again I am McCracken and know what the tradition is all about.

McCraken, we’ve had enough. You don’t have to post another "genius" tune.

Your right slainte, I don’t HAVE to do it.


Either it’s a windup slainte or some version of steaming madness we occassionally stumble across here in the yeller dimensions… Put on your radiation specs and hip waders, the glare could blind us, and it’s getting deep… Head for high ground as quick as you can…

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa…

The FAQ’s states that the original tune should be compensated by 5 traditional tunes. It didn’t state that you couldn’t introduce yourself with the original FIRST!

Introducing ones self to a session with a well crafted tune such as mine is a lovely way to enter a session.

This tune would already be here as a standard if I would have been around back in the days when these tunes started springing up from the little people…

How mightily big of you.


I’m still assuming this is a wind-up - you do realise it’s rubbish, McCracken, don’t you?

Thank you mrkelhan! ben, learn the tune and play it well, it won’t let you down. Just as the tradition has never let me down.