Two recordings of
Taureen Derby
The Ballyhoura Mountains

Taureen Derby (polka) is also known as Johnny O’Leary’s, Taureen Derby, There’s Worse Than That Around, Tooreenderby, Toureendarby, West Kerry.

The Ballyhoura Mountains (polka) is also known as The Ballinahulla Polkas No. 1, The Ballinahulla, The Ballynahula #1, The Ballynahula No. 1, The Ballynahula, The Ballynahulla No. 1, Cuz Teahan’s, Cuz Teahan’s Favourite, Cuz Teahan’s No. 1, Dandy Jim, Dandy Jim O’Caroline, Lucy Farr’s, Lucy Farr’s No. 1, Mike Buckley’s Favourite, Murphy’s Polka #1, Scollard’s, Teahan’s Favourite, Teahan’s Favourite No. 1, Terry Teahan’s Favourite, The Village Tavern.

Ceis by Laoise Kelly

  1. Toureendarby
  2. Nell Mahoney’s
  3. Mike Buckley’s Favourite

Give It A Lift by Rise The Dust

  1. Maids Of Ardagh
  2. Taureen Derby
  3. Ballyhoura Mountains