New Row strathspey

Also known as The New Row.

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One setting

X: 1
T: New Row
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|:gd ed BG G2|DG Bd cA A2|gd ed (3BcB GD|[1EG FA G2 (3def:|[2EG FA G4||
B2 Bd c2 cd|B2 Bd AF Ac|B2 Bd c2 Bc|(3dcB (3cBA G4:|
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New Row

A Highland transcribed from the playing of local musicians by Dr Donald Martin of Killybegs.
I couldn’t find it listed under this title, nor did it appear when I searched on the first bar.
Relative of The Keel Row don’t you think?

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Clarify / Confusion?

I’m not sure they are related. I’m thinking they just have titles that sound alike, i.e., the ‘new’ row and the ‘keel’ row- perhaps a reference to a particular street or area of a city or town? To further confuse the issue, I’ve got a polka version that I found online of ‘Some Say the Devil’s Dead’, one of the alternate titles for ‘The Keel Row’ -

T:Some Say the Devil’s Dead
C:Trad., Arr. by Michael P. Herlihy
"D"D2DE GABc | dedB "G"A2G2 :|
"Bm"B2BA BcdB | "Em"E2ED EFG2 |
"Bm"B2BA BcdB | "G"GABG (3ABA G2:|

which seems to be more closely related to the reel ‘Jenny Will You Marry Me’. Here’s the links:

The Keel Row (strathspey)

Jenny Will You Marry Me? (reel)

Both sometimes known as ‘The Devil’s Highland Fling’!

New Row

Just wondered if it was a distant relative of Keel Row. It was the second part put me in mind of it a bit.
Never mind. I’m sure Ceolachan will be along shortly to help with identification.

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Keel Row

I see what you mean, but not sure.