Ten recordings of a tune named
Fear A’ Bhata

Also known as Fear A Bhata, Fear Ah Bhata, Fhear A Bhata, Fhear Ni Bhata, Fhir A’ Bhata, Fir Na Fhata, O(h) My Boatman.

  1. Alba by Alba
  2. Bealoideas by Oisin
  3. Caledonia’s Hardy Sons by Silly Wizard
  4. Get Out by Capercaillie
  5. Grace and Pride - The Anthology 2004-1984 - Disc 2 by Capercaillie
  6. Inis by Eimear McGeown
  7. Music From The Edge Of The World by Cran
  8. Notes between the Lines by Full Set
  9. The Blood is Strong by Capercaillie
  10. The Irwin Lake Sessions by Shannon Quinn