Bonnie Prince Charlie march

Also known as Bonnie Charlie March, The Bonnie Charlie, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s March, Bonny Prince Charlie, Cam Ye By Atholl, Cam Ye By Atholl ?, Cam’ Ye By Athol?, Cam’ Ye By Atholl ?, Cam’ Ye By Atholl?, Charlie’s March, Come Ye By Atholl.

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Bonnie Prince Charlie

Rhythm: MARCH
Source: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland, Kathleen Smyth - “Cherish the Ladies”
Transcription: Gian Marco Pietrasanta

Bonnie Prince Charlie

I’ve seen this tune listed as a march and it plays very well at a slower tempo.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Good grief! Sorry about my last post. The title of the tune has polka next to it but I see it is listed as a march ryhthm.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

This is the melody to the Jacobite song “Cam’ Ye By Atholl”, and I think is the weakest track on what is otherwise a great recording. The “Boys Of The Lough” did a far better job of it on one of their earlier LPs - I think “Lochaber No More”, and I think Altan recorded it too.
Incidentally, Johnny Cunningham was once asked on a USA tour with “Silly Wizard” in the 1980s if he knew that old Jacobite air “Come Eat My Apple” - true !

Is this the same tune as “Came Ye by Atholl”" by Neil Gow Jr?

I am looking for ,and unable to find anyplace, the sheet music for Came Ye by Atholl? by Neil Gow Jr. I saw someplace on the net that it is the same tune as Bonnie Prince Charlie, which seems unlikely. Anyone able to deny or confirm? Thanks for any help.

My dumb error on the post above.

I don’t know how I missed the post above mine addressing the alternate name of the tune. Please forgive my dumb mistake.

it could be a nice tune if there wasn’t somethnig awkward about it? Which is hard to pinpoint. 2/4 => 2/2 or 3/8? or 1/2 ?? Mm…

Bonnie Prince Charlie, X:3

As I played on the bouzouki. I got it from a recording on the radio of concert of the Boys of the Lough in the 70’s (on “France Musique” or “France Culture” channel). I could only record a part of the concert, as I “falled” on it just by chance while surfing on the radio waves. But sadly the tape had been lost since; ’t was a quite nice concert, with a lot of talks and stories between the tunes, and sure lot of laughing from the audience … !

Re: Bonnie Prince Charlie, X3

I forgot to say that I wrote it as a march in 4/4 … but:
- there’s no “Marches” option on The Session,
- the tune is still set in the “Polkas” (probably because of that lack of options)
- we can’t change the heads of the abc files (it had been done that way probably to avoid most of the abc mistakes which prevent the playing and score display of the tunes; but it brings some limits … );
So that’s the reason why I hadn’t add the bar lines that would write a correct 2/4 rythm: so if you want to copy the abc file, no need to take them off, just change the rythm in the head. 😉