One recording of
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Loch Lomond

Bonnie Prince Charlie (polka) is also known as Bonnie Charlie March, The Bonnie Charlie, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s March, Bonny Prince Charlie, Cam Ye By Atholl, Cam Ye By Atholl ?, Cam’ Ye By Athol?, Cam’ Ye By Atholl ?, Cam’ Ye By Atholl?, Charlie’s March, Come Ye By Atholl.

Loch Lomond (reel) is also known as The Braes O’ Binnorie, Red Is The Rose.

Celtic Fiddle - 60 Traditional Favourites by Levine Andrade, Kieran Barry & Mike Stanley

  1. Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond
  2. Cam’ye By Atholl
  3. Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
  4. Skye Boat Song