John Stephen Of Chance Inn strathspey

Also known as John Steven Of Chance Inn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Stephen Of Chance Inn
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:"G"G2G>AB>c d<B|g>fe>d B>c d<B|"C"e>dc>e "Bm"d>cB>c|"Am7" A2a>g "D7"(3fed (3cBA|
|"G"G2G>AB>c d<B|g>fe>d B>c d<B|"C"e>dc>e "Bm"d>cB<>g|"Am7"(3fed "D7"(3cBA "G"G4:|
|:"Em"b>ag>b "Bm"a>f d2|"C"g>fe>g "Bm"f<b B2|"C"e>dc>e "Bm"d>cB>c|"Am7" A2a>g "D7"(3fed (3cBA|
|"Em""Em"b>ag>b "Bm"a>f d2|"C"g>fe>g "Bm"f<b B2|"C"e>dc>e "Bm"d>cB>g|"Am7"(3fed "D7"(3cBA "G"G4:|
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I’m trying to find out the name of this tune.

I transcribed it from a tape a friend gave me of music he used at a scottish dance session. He didn’t know the name of the tune or the artist. A long shot for the name might be the Berkeley Players.

Thanks for your help.

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Gan Ainm.

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I think there’s a general precedent here at The Session to start a Discussion for unknown (Gan Ainm) tunes without titles.

If the title is known and your looking for a transcription, it can be requested by clicking Tunes, then Requests. As this one doesn’t have a title but you’ve transcribed it, you would start a Discussion thread and see if you get any feedback. If you are still not sure, please read the FAQ’s here-


Tune Name

Having asked around I have a name:

John Stephen of Chance Inn

Composer - Angus Fitchet from Dundee

Errors in My Transcription

Thanks again for identifying this tune.

Now I realize my ABC’s are wrong. I set my default note to 1/16 instead of 1/8 so it’s not displaying properly on thesession although it works fine on my machine.

I’ll fix it and change the name.

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