Spring Will Sometime Come reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Spring Will Sometime Come
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
"Bm"fB~B2 fB"G"gB|"Bm"fB~B2 "A"edce|"Bm"fB~B2 fB"G"gB|"Bm"fB~B2 "A"edcA|
"Bm"fB~B2 fB"G"gB|"Bm"fB~B2 "A"edcd|"Bm"fe"A"de "G"gf"F#m"ef|"A"fage fdec|
"D"~d2de "G"dBGB|"A"dega eA~A2|"D"dedB "G"GBdB|"A"Acec "Bm/G"BA"A"Bc|
"D"dedB "G"GBdB|"A"Acec ~a2^ga|"Bm"fe"A"de "G"gf"F#m"ef|"A"fage fded|

Four comments

Spring Will Sometime Come

This is an original. I wrote it this past winter while working 12hrs on and 12hrs off with no breaks for the midnight shift in -40degC weather in north-central Ontario, CAN for 8wks. I only had a whistle along, not really any time to play, but still figured I should write a tune or two while traveling. It’s supposed to represent facing the trials and tribulations in our lives and still maintaining hope. From experience, those sorts of conditions can make you wonder!

i like this

Was playing this through, and think bars 7 & 15 should probably go something more like | fedf gfeg |. You’d think that I could at least get my own ABC’s right!

A source?

Well here’s were that came from-


I’d just acquired ‘Live at Passims’, but only listened to it once a month or two before - a little of a distracted listen, at that.