The Galway Girl reel

By Steve Earle

Also known as Cailín Na Gaillimhe.

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Tine whistle tabs

anyone have tabs for the tin whistle for galway girl? TIA

Tin Whistle tabs

I have them, I will place a link soon

and also I found a fault in the sheetmusic, what was placed good in the ABC, 3rd line, the first two b’s, had to be placed with a dot after the note, so what was written in the ABC with a “3”.

For what it’s worth, this is what I play on the mandolin, without dynamics and gracing:

X: 1
T: Galway Girl
C: Steve Earle
M: C|
L: 1/8
Q: 1/2=112
K: D

But I haven’t listened to the original for years so it’s probably totally different.

The Galway Girl (Reel)

Can anyone provide the manuscript or this tune in Bagpipe Notation

Galway Girl by Steve Earle

Except for the additional ABC version of the tune kindly provided by DonaldK you would have no idea from all of the information provided by the that this modern tune was written by Steve Earle from Virgina, USA. The “official” Sessions ABC file does not even include a “C:” (composer) line. Kind of odd for a tune written in 2006? I think this should be corrected -- one did not know better you would think Galway Girls is a “traditional” Irish song?

C: Steve Earle, from Virginia

This is a repeated topic and our webmaster, Jeremy, feels that such things can be dealt with here in the ‘comments’, as you have done. It is good to give credit where it is deserved, and better late than never…

“Written by Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon”

A quote from the start of the first link given above -
# Posted on September 24th 2008 by boisei0

Galway Girl Sheet Music Bar 10

Hi All Can anyone help? This bar has two dotted crochets two quavers and a crochet making it a 5/4 bar. Obviously not marked as such. Whenever I play along with the video I seem to end at the same time as the musicians who (as far as I can tell) are playing 4/4 all the way through. There are other versions but this seems to be the one in most common use. I know I lean towards pedantry but is someone able to put me out of my misery (without the use of a shotgun!!) Cheers

Galway Girl Sheet Music Bar 10

I think what has happened is that the bar end has been placed in the wrong place. I suspect it should read:
B3 A B3 A|B2 c2 d2 B2|A2 AB AG F2|E2 E2 A2 B2|
B2 A2 F2 GA| G2 F2 D2 E2|ED EF GF E2| D2 D2 D2 z2:||