Holoholo slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Holoholo
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: AG |F2 D F2 D FGA B2 c | d2 A AGF G2 E EAG |
FDD F2 D FF/G/A B2 c | d2 A GFE F2 D D- :|
DA |d2 d cc/c/c BdB A2 G | F2 D dAF G2 E E2 A |
dfd cec B/c/dB A2 G | F2 D dAG F2 D DF/G/A |
f2 d e2 c d2 B A2 G | FDA dAF GEE E3 |
FD/D/D F2 D FF/G/A B2 c | dA/A/A GFE FD/D/D D |]

Three comments

"Holoholo" 😎

For another of our nieces, one now over here from Hawai’i to do undergraduate work.

I don’t know whether it’s me remembering this melody or it remembering me? It took the lead. If it pre-exists and there’s another name for it, or it’s already on site, let me know. It may be original enough to qualify as a blend of me with the rest of the universe, with a decidedly Irish slant to it, even if under the influence of Swedish pear cidre…

"Holoholo" ~ also played in G and in simple form

X: 2
T: Holoholo
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: slide
K: Gmaj
|: dc |\
B2 G B2 G Bcd e2 f | g2 d dcB c2 A Adc |
B2 G B2 G Bcd e2 f | g2 d cBA B2 G G- :|
|: Gd |\
g2 g f2 f ege d2 c | B2 G gdB c2 A A2 d |
[1 g2 g f2 f ege d2 c | B2 G dcA B2 G G- :|
[2 B2 G B2 G Bcd e2 f | g2 d cBA B2 G G |]

This is just so familiar to me, but music does often tend to take over… I did do some searching, without any luck so far. I suspect there will at least be some relatives around…

~ to do undergraduate work ~ oops! ~ I meant ‘graduate’ work… 😏