Aith Rant jig

Also known as The Aith Rant.

There are 4 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Aith Rant
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BcB BcB|Bcd ~e3|dcB Azd|1 cBA ~G3:|2 cBA GBd||
|:~gzd zcB|~gzd zcB|~gzB BAG|ABA AB/c/d|
~gzg fge|ded dcB|cde dcB|1 ABA GBd:|2 ABA ~G3||
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Source: Chris Stout Quintet, "Devil’s Advocate."
First tune in a set of 4. Really fantastic fiddle and sax playing by Chris Stout and Fraser Fifield respectively.

Will post more details about the author(s) when I find the CD again! Just got stuck in my head and had to put it down in ABC 🙂

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The CD credits suggest this is a traditional tune.

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Arggh.. My bad.. Read the wrong line.. Chris Stout wrote this tune for Phil Alexander.

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HA! Actually, I take it back. The track numbering on the CD is wrong — tracks 4 and 5 are reversed. Thus, this tune is "Aith Rant," a traditional, arranged by the CSQ.

Another mystery solved..

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Trowie tune

this tune comes from Cunningsburgh, Shetland, and is supposed to be a fairy tune, or trowie tune. A trow is a fairy-like thing in Shetland.

Aith Rant

As played by J Irvine, Roadside, Cunningsburgh

In about 1790, a Cunningsburgh carpenter was coming home after celebrating the completion of a sixareen*. He heard sounds coming from a green mound and crept nearer to investigate. By the light of the moon he could see through a crack in a rock a trowie dance in full swing.Being a noted fiddler, he managed to take down the tune in sol-fa, and when he got home he played it on his fiddle."
- Tom Anderson and Tom Georgeson, ‘Da Mirrie Dancers’ (Lerwick 1970)

* A sixareen is a clinker-built boat. Tom Anderson wrote a great tune called "Da Sixareen".

Alastair Anderson, on his 1974 ‘Concertina Workshop’ played "Aith Rant" followed by "Framm Upon Him" and "Da Sooth End".

Re: Aith Rant

One of the albums I have has a set with this jig, followed by Vallafield, Garster’s Dream and then another jig not listed. I’ve found the histories of the 3 above tunes very fascinating and can see why they would be put together in a set.