One recording of a tune named
Dillon’s Fancy
With a tune named
The Battle Of Waterloo

Dillon’s Fancy (reel) is also known as Dillan’s Favourite, Ginny’s Favorite.

The Battle Of Waterloo (march) is also known as Battle Call Of The Fianna, The Battle Of Waterloo March, Bonaparte Crossing The Rockies, Bonaparte Crossing The Rocky Mountains, Bonaparte’s March, Bonnie’s March, Johnny Get Up, Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down, Let Mr. McGuire Sit Down, Mick Maguire, Mick McGuire, Mr Maguire, Mr. Maguire, Mr. McGuire, Rohallion.

Happy Days by Trad Lads

  1. Mick Maguire
  2. From Dublin To Galway
  3. The Flowing Tide
  4. Dillon’s Fancy
  5. Jenny’s Wedding
  6. The Golden Jubilee