Säkkijärven Polkka polka

Also known as Sakkijarven Polka, Sakkijarven Polkka, Sakkijarven Polska.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Säkkijärven Polkka
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:^d2|"Em"e2B2 A2G2|"Am"((3GAG) "B7"F2 F2F2|BA2A G2A2|"Em"((3FGF) E2 E2E2|
"Em"e2 ((3BcB) A2G2|"Am"((3GAG) F2 "B7"F2F2|B2B^A c2^d2|"Em"e2 e2e2:|
|:B2|"Em"B2e2 e^d(ef)|"B7"e2^d2 d2d2|B2f2 fe(fg)|"Em"((3fgf)e2 e2e2|
"Em"b2e2 e^d(ef)|"B7"((3efe)^d2 d2d2|b2((3aba) g2f2|"Em"e2e2 e2:|
(EG)|"Em"B2BG E2(EG)|B2BG E2(EG)|B2B2 c2B2|"Am"(AG)(AG) "B7"F2FG|
"B7"A2(AG) F2FG|A2(AG) F2FG|A2A2 B2A2|(GA)GF "Em"E2(EG)|
"Em" B2BA E2(EG)|B2BG E2(EG)|B2B2 e2d2|"Am"(cd)(cB) A2A2|
"Am"c2(cB) A2c2|"Em"B2BG E2(EG)|"B7"B2B^A c2^d2|"Em"e2e2 e2z2||
|:"Em"E2(EF) GF(G_A)|"Am"A2AB (cB)A2|"B7"B2F2 BAGF|"Em"E2(EF) GFE2|
"Em"E2(EG) GF(G_A)|"Am"A2AB cBA2|"B7"B2F2 BAGF|"Em"E2E2 E2E2:|
X: 2
T: Säkkijärven Polkka
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
eB AG|{G/A/}GF FF|B/A/A/A/ GA|{F/G/}FE EE|
e{B/c/}B AG|{G/A/}GF FF|BB/^A/ c^d|ee e:|
Be e/^d/e/f/|e^d dd|Bf f/e/f/g/|{fg}fe ee|
be e/^d/e/f/|{ef}e^d dd|b{ab}a gf|ee e:|
X: 3
T: Säkkijärven Polkka
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B B/G/ E E/G/|B B/G/ E E/G/|BB cB|A/G/A/G/ F F/G/|
A A/G/ F F/G/|A A/G/ F F/G/|AA BA|G/A/G/F/ E E/G/|
B B/A/ E E/G/|B B/G/ E E/G/|BB ed|c/d/c/B/ AA|
c c/B/ Ac|B B/G/ E E/G/|B B/^A/ c^d|ee ez||
|:E E/F/ G/F/G/_A/|A A/B/ c/B/ A|BF B/A/G/F/|E E/F/ G/F/ E|
E E/G/ G/F/G/_A/|A A/B/ c/B/ A|BF B/A/G/F/|1 EE EE:|2 E2- E||
X: 4
T: Säkkijärven Polkka
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:a/z/z/e/ dc|cB B/E/^G/B/|e/e/e/d/ cB|A/B/c/B/ A/B/c/e/|
a/z/z/e/ dc|cB B/E/^G/B/|e/e/e/d/ cB|A/B/c/B/ Az:|
A/B/^c/d/ ea|a^g/f/ g/a/b|e/^f/^g/a/ bc'|ba a/b/c'|
A/B/^c/d/ ea|a^g/f/ g/a/b|e/^d/e/^f/ ^g/e/f/g/|a2 a2:|
A/^G/A/B/ c/B/c/^c/|d/^c/d/e/ f/e/d/f/|e/E/^G/B/ e/d/c/B/|c/d/c/B/ A/E/^F/^G/|
A/^G/A/B/ c/B/c/^c/|d/^c/d/e/ f/e/d/f/|e/E/^G/B/ e/d/c/B/|Aa Az:|
aa/f/ d/A/d/f/|aa/f/ d/A/d/f/|aa b>a|g/b/g/f/ e>f|
gg/f/ ee/f/|gg/f/ ee/f/|g^g a>=g|f/g/f/e/ d2|
aa/f/ dd/f/|aa/f/ dd/f/|ad' c'b|b/c'/b/a/ g>a|
b2 ag|f/g/f/e/ d/A/^c/e/|a/b/a/g/ fe|da d2||
|:e/z/z/B AG|GF F/B/^D/F/|B/B/B/A/ GF|E/F/G/F/ E/F/G/B/|
e/z/z/B AG|GF F/B/^D/F/|B/B/B/A/ GF|E/F/G/F/ Ez:|
|:E/F/^G/A/ Be|e^d/c/ d/e/f|B/^c/^d/e/ fg|fe e/f/g|
E/F/^G/A/ Be|e^d/c/ d/e/f|B/^A/B/^c/ ^d/B/c/d/|e2 e2:|
|:E/^D/E/F/ G/F/G/^G/|A/^G/A/B/ c/B/A/c/|B/B,/^D/F/ B/A/G/F/|G/A/G/F/ E/B/^C/^D/|
E/^D/E/F/ G/F/G/^G/|A/^G/A/B/ c/B/A/c/|B/B,/^D/F/ B/A/G/F/|Ee Ez:|
ee/c/ A/E/A/c/|ee/c/ A/E/A/c/|ee f>e|d/f/d/c/ B>c|
dd/c/ BB/c/|dd/c/ BB/c/|d^d e>=d|c/d/c/B/ A2|
ee/c/ AA/c/|ee/c/ AA/c/|ea gf|f/g/f/e/ de|
f2 ed|c/d/c/B/ A/E/^G/B/|e/f/e/d/ cB|Ae A2||
X: 5
T: Säkkijärven Polkka
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
e|:aa/e/ dc|cB BE|ee/d/ cB|BA Ae|
aa/e/ dc|cB B2|e3d cB|1 A2 Ae:|2 A2 A2||
|:ea/a/ aa/b/|a^gg2|eb/b/ bb/c'/|ba a2|
ea/a/ aa/b/|a^gg2|e3e ^f^g|a2 a2:|
e/e/e/c AA/c/|ee/c/ AA/c/|ee/e/ fe/e/|edd2|
dd/c/ BB/c/|dd/c/ BB/c/|dd/d/ ed|cB A2|
e/e/e/c AA/c/|ee/c/ AA/c/|ee/e/ ag|fe d2|
f3e dd/d/|cb AA/c/|BB/A/^GB|A2A||

Nineteen comments

Source and Origin of the Polska

The source for this tune is a banjo playing friend of mine from Eugene, Oregon, Nate Pope. The country of origin is Finland.

It seems you posted a tune on a wrong website.

This particular tune in question is a polka, as far as I know. Polska is usually played in 3/4, although there are some variants in 2/4.

"Säkkijärven polkka"


Testing ~ trying to add this in 2/4 and being blocked? 😏

"Säkkijärven polkka" ~ this transcription in 2/4 & minus chords, etc.

Alright, a part at a time, since nothing else seems to be working…

X: 1
T: Sakkisavren Polkka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: Emin
|: ^d |\
eB AG | {G/A/}GF FF | B/A/-A/A/ GA | {F/G/}FE EE |
e{B/c/}B AG | {G/A/}GF FF | BB/^A/ c^d | ee e :|
|: B |\
Be e/^d/e/f/ | e^d dd | Bf f/e/f/g/ | {fg}fe ee |
be e/^d/e/f/ | {ef}e^d dd | b{ab}a gf | ee e :|

Something is wrong wtih the 3rd part, it won’t take. Let’s see if a little spacing makes a difference, double spacing didn’t work, so something else?… 😏

E/G/ |\
B B/G/ E E/G/ | B B/G/ E E/G/ | BB cB | A/G/A/G/ F F/G/ |
A A/G/ F F/G/ | A A/G/ F F/G/ | AA BA | G/A/G/F/ E E/G/ |
B B/A/ E E/G/ | B B/G/ E E/G/ | BB ed | c/d/c/B/ AA |
c c/B/ Ac | B B/G/ E E/G/ | B B/^A/ c^d | ee ez ||
|: E E/F/ G/F/G/_A/ | A A/B/ c/B/ A | BF B/A/G/F/ | E E/F/ G/F/ E |
E E/G/ G/F/G/_A/ | A A/B/ c/B/ A | BF B/A/G/F/ |[1 EE EE :|[2 E2- E |]

Very weird! This has happened before with ABCs. Maybe something is taken as HTML and there’s a filter disallowing it? I’ll have to ask the boss… 😉

~ as HTML or script? 😏

"Säkkijärven polkka" ~ Richard Robinson’s transcription transfigured

~ to 2/4

X: 1216
T: Säkkijärven polkka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
O: Finland
R: Polka
K: Amin
|: a/z/-z/e/ dc | cB B/E/^G/B/ | e/e/e/d/ cB | A/B/c/B/ A/B/c/e/ |
a/z/-z/e/ dc | cB B/E/^G/B/ | e/e/e/d/ cB | A/B/c/B/ Az :|
A/B/^c/d/ ea | a^g/f/ g/a/b | e/^f/^g/a/ bc’ | ba a/b/c’ |
A/B/^c/d/ ea | a^g/f/ g/a/b | e/^d/e/^f/ ^g/e/f/g/ | a2 a2 :|
A/^G/A/B/ c/B/c/^c/ | d/^c/d/e/ f/e/d/f/ | e/E/^G/B/ e/d/c/B/ | c/d/c/B/ A/E/^F/^G/ |
A/^G/A/B/ c/B/c/^c/ | d/^c/d/e/ f/e/d/f/ | e/E/^G/B/ e/d/c/B/ | Aa Az :|
K: Dmin
aa/f/ d/A/d/f/ | aa/f/ d/A/d/f/ | aa b>a | g/b/g/f/ e>f |
gg/f/ ee/f/ | gg/f/ ee/f/ | g^g a>=g | f/g/f/e/ d2 |
aa/f/ dd/f/ | aa/f/ dd/f/ | ad’ c’b | b/c’/b/a/ g>a |
b2 ag | f/g/f/e/ d/A/^c/e/ | a/b/a/g/ fe | da d2 |]

& then transposed to e minor for comparision with the version given here ~

X: 1216
T: Säkkijärven polkka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
O: Finland
R: Polka
K: Emin
|: e/z/-z/B AG | GF F/B/^D/F/ | B/B/B/A/ GF | E/F/G/F/ E/F/G/B/ |
e/z/-z/B AG | GF F/B/^D/F/ | B/B/B/A/ GF | E/F/G/F/ Ez :|
|: E/F/^G/A/ Be | e^d/c/ d/e/f | B/^c/^d/e/ fg | fe e/f/g |
E/F/^G/A/ Be | e^d/c/ d/e/f | B/^A/B/^c/ ^d/B/c/d/ | e2 e2 :|
|: E/^D/E/F/ G/F/G/^G/ | A/^G/A/B/ c/B/A/c/ | B/B,/^D/F/ B/A/G/F/ | G/A/G/F/ E/B/^C/^D/ |
E/^D/E/F/ G/F/G/^G/ | A/^G/A/B/ c/B/A/c/ | B/B,/^D/F/ B/A/G/F/ | Ee Ez :|
K: Amin
ee/c/ A/E/A/c/ | ee/c/ A/E/A/c/ | ee f>e | d/f/d/c/ B>c |
dd/c/ BB/c/ | dd/c/ BB/c/ | d^d e>=d | c/d/c/B/ A2 |
ee/c/ AA/c/ | ee/c/ AA/c/ | ea gf | f/g/f/e/ de |
f2 ed | c/d/c/B/ A/E/^G/B/ | e/f/e/d/ cB | Ae A2 |]

|: e/z/-z/B/ AG | ~ | e/z/-z/B/ AG | ~ I forgot a forward slash… 😏

I must be tired ~ and this was supposed to wake me up? I messed up instead, but the music is coming out just fine on this dimensional plane…

P: C & D ~ different strokes

The greater discrepancy is between the 3rd and 4th parts of the two versions…

This is a polkka from Säkkijärv in what is now "Kondratyevo" in Russian Karelia.
It was made famous by accordionist Viljo Vesterinen and Richard’s transcription seems to be very much his own. The Leningrad Cowboys do a fine take on this ditty. Quite what it is doing on this site, I don’t know.

Säkkijärven polkka

This tune is Säkkijärven polkka and I’ve seen this transcribed from an old hand written document in 4/4. As I understand, there is such a thing as a 4/4 polka in Scandinavian music.
This is a great tune. I found a YouTube version sung by the BYU concert choir that is a hoot.
It’s very "Russian" sounding which is typical for some Finnish music.
Our group had a request to play this by some of our local Finnish Society people.
As I understand, this has some history. It was apparently played non-stop by a radio station to keep their enemies from using radio frequencies to set off mines. If you can imagine that …..AAAA!

I’ve heard a variant of this tune played by a Ukrainian band - so it obviously has connections with more Easterly and Southerly lands.

I looked around you tube and found a lot of videos of this tune, anyone know which variation goes with the videos, I know the Finns play it very fast