Roland’s U-Turn jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Roland's U-Turn
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
F2F AGF|cAG AGF|G2G A2B|d2d cAG|
|:~f3 fcF|FAc fcA|G2G A2B|d2d cAG|
[1 ~f3 fcF|FAc fcA|G2A BAG|AFD D3:|
[2 fef gfg|afd cAF|G2A BAG|AFD D3||
d2e fed|ede A=B^c|d2e fed|g2g gec|
d2e fed|ede A2=B|G2A BAG|AFD D3||
d2e fed|ede A=B^c|d2e fed|afa def|
afd gec|fed cAF|G2A BAG|AFD D3||
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Roland’s U-Turn

One of the many variations on Rambling Pitchfork. I had originally posted this in the comments of the Dmaj Rambling Pitchfork. ( The version here was mentioned a couple other places and it was suggested that it get it’s own entry as, though it is definitely related to Rambling Pitchfork, it really IS quite different - more of a distant cousin than a slightly different setting.

This one is in Fmaj and has a lovely 3rd part.

I transcribed this from the CD “Late… In The Night” with Christy Barry, Conor McCarthy and Cyril O‘Donoghue - Recorded Live in O’Connors Bar Doolin ( The track on the CD containing this tune is a set of Jigs called Vaughans Barn in Kilfenora - though it doesn’t say anything about the origins of this tune in particular.

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Rolands U-turn

The actual name of this is Rolands Return, from roches Irish Music Book, I got this tune from my father Johnny McCarthy (box) he told me he got it from Roches. There are two versions of this tune, I recorded my favourite version on Ace & Deuce. Christy plays the other version, first half mostly the same but 2nd half different. In this recording here (rolands u-turn) we played the 2 second halves making it a 3 part to settle a dispute!
C McCarthy