Pembroke Reel reel

Also known as Pembroke.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pembroke Reel
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fg|:"D"agfe dAde|fdfg a2gf|"A"eAcd eAcd|egfe "D"f2fg|
"D"agfe dAde|fdfg a2gf|"A"eAcd egfe|1 "D"dcde d2fg:|2 "D"dcde d2AG||
|:"D"FDFA dfed|"A"cAce g2fe|"D"dAdf a2gf|"A"feed e2AG|
"D"FDFA dfed|"A"cAce g2fe|"D"fagf "A"egfe|1 "D"dcde d2AG:|2 "D"dcde d2||

Three comments

How Pembroke Reel came about ….

I listened to a tune a friend was playing and when I tried to play it later (while recording) this is what I came up with. After listening to my version, he tells me that it is nothing like the tune he played (the name of which escapes me). Please feel free to use the tune in sessions and jams.

% copyright: Bill Elsliger, July 28, 2008 ~ taken from a duplication

"Pembroke Reel"Key signature: D Major
Submitted on November 6th 2008 by fiddlekrazy.
~ /tunes/9061

Submitted note-for-note by the same person, alias fiddlekrazy, except for the additional Copyright notice above ~ and minus the suggested chords… 😏

Why I made changes

When I gave it a name I called it "Pembroke Reel" but some how this site translated the name to just "Pembroke" and "The Pembroke".