Big John’s Hard jig

Also known as Big John’s, Old Woman’s Money.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Big John's Hard
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2A ABd|ede ged|B2A AGA|BGG GFE:|
DEG GAB|ded dBG|(3Bdef g2e|faf g2e|
def g2e|fga bge|ebb eaa|g3 ged|
eAA ABd|ede ged|def g2e|faf g2e|
def g2e|fga bge|ebb eaa|g3 ged|
eAA ABd|ede ged|B2A AGA|BGG G2A|
B2A ABd|ede ged|B2A AGA|BGG G2||

Four comments


I couldn’t let this be submitted as Big John’s Hard!!

Published in Hidden Fermanagh and recorded recently by Catherine McEvoy. The unusual second part was probably associated with a set dance of some sort.


Ah, well. I tried. There always has to be one that causes a problem with name conventions. 🙂

Have this ready for Tuesday, James! And that goes for you too, Colm!



It was first introduced to me by Harry Bradely at the Joe Mooney Summer School…the joke that followed was..

Harry: "I heard it being called John’s Big Hard…..(deliberate pause)…..Jig before…."

Re: Big John’s Hard

I believe this is the tune known as Old Woman’s Money on the album Penny Wager by Open the Door for Three. The second tune on track 6.