One recording of
Connie Flemming’s
The Knocknaboul

Connie Flemming’s (polka) is also known as Dan Jeremiah O’Connor’s, Jack Reedy’s, Now She’s Purring.

The Knocknaboul (polka) is also known as Ask Our Dan, The Back Of The Haggard, The Ballydesmond, Cnoc Na Buaile, Denis Murphy’s, The Knochnaboul, The Knockaboul, The Knockabout, The Knockabower, The Knocknaboul No. 2, The Knocknabower No. 2, The Knocknabower, The Knocknabowl, Liam Brown’s, The Other Clog, Polca Chnoc Na bPoll #2, The Sneem.

Set Dances Of Ireland, Volume IV by Various Artists

  1. Casey’s
  2. Now She’s Purring
  3. Ballydesmond No. 2