Lennox’s Love To Blantyre strathspey

Also known as Lennon’s Love To Blaner, Lennox Love To Blantyre.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lennox's Love To Blantyre
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
C>D F>G A>G G<A|G2 G>A d>c d<e|f>g f<d c>A F>A|1 G<F G<F D2 D<F:|2 G<F G<F D2 e<f||
|:c>d f>g a>g f>a|g<f g<a g>f d<f|1 c>d f>g a>g f>a|
g<f g<a g2 f<d:|2 f>g f<d c>A F>A|G<F G<F D2 D<F||

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Lennox’s Love

Some info from Fiddler’s Companion.LENNOX LOVE TO BLANTYRE. AKA - "Lennon’s Love to Blaner." Scottish (originally), Canadian; Strathspey. Canada, Cape Breton. F Major. Standard. AAB. The title of the tune is the curious name given to a house and estate originally called ‘Lethington,’ located near Haddington in East Lothian, Scotland (now owned by the present Duke and Duchess of Hamilton). The name was changed when Frances Teresa Stewart (Stuart), Duchess of Lennox and Richmond (b. 1647), bequeathed it to her nephew, requesting that its name be changed to "Lennox Love" as a token of her love and in memory of her husband. A slightly different story (told by Alison Kinnaird) has it the local lairds of East Lothian frequently dined together at their various estates in the county, and that Lord Blantyre often joined them, though he owned no lands in the region. The Duke of Lauderdale often remarked on this circumstance and fascitiously offered to sell Lethington to Blantyre, knowing that the latter was without sufficient funds for the purchase. Frances was Blantyre’s cousin, and hearing of his predicament advised him to accept the next time Lauderdale offered, and sent him the money for the transaction in a casket, along with "the Duchess of Lennox’s Love." Blantyre made the purchase and changed the estate’s name to Lennoxlove in tribute.

Re: Lennox’s Love To Blantyre

I guess it’s traditionally played in this unfortunate key?! (It’s so close to G, c’mon!!)
Love the tune!

Re: Lennox’s Love To Blantyre

Burns set his magnificent lyric "O Wert Though in the Cauld Blast" to this tune.

His last song, written on his deathbed to thank his young nurse Jessie Lewars, who was said to be a fine singer.

She must have been, because with that range it’s a bugger to perform…

Re: Lennox’s Love To Blantyre

There is a great version of this tune, played more like a slow air, on the album Play It Again by the Yetties.