Gypsy Meghan reel

Also known as Sipsi Megan.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Gypsy Meghan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:c2 AB cFAB|c/e/c Ac BEGB|c2 AB cFAB|cdec BEGE:|
|:cFAF cFAB|c2 FA BEGB|cFAF cFAB|cdec BEGE:|
|:c2 Af FcAB|cAAf eB G/A/B|c2 Af FcAB|cfec BEGE:|
|:cFfF eF G/A/B|cFfF eE G/F/E|cFfF eFdF|cFBF AEGE:|
X: 2
T: Gypsy Meghan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:c2 AB cFAB|c/e/c Ac BEGB|cA- AB cFAB|cd^ec BEGE:|
|:cF/A/GF cFAB|cF- FA BEGB|cF/A/GF cFAB|cd^ec BE/G/FE:|
|:c2 Af FcAB|cAAf eB ^G/A/B|cA- Af FcAB|cfec BE^GE:|
|:cFfF ^eF G/A/B|cFfF ^eE G/F/E|cFfF ^eFdF|cFBF AEGE:|

Twenty-three comments

Gypsy Meghan

Another relative - “Small Coals and Little Money” a northumbrian (pipe) tune, that is almost impossible to get out of one started 🙂

--- oh, I see Dow has that already in the Sleepy Maggie comments.

See what Phrygian does to you spin… I’m layered up and still shaking. It’s cold in here ~ brrrrrr!!!

Frydgian …

What a terrible pun… I cringe!

😛 Heh, heh, heh…

Yes, it’ very very similar to Sleepy Maggie. Also to the Morning Dew. And, all in all, are you *sure* about those G nats, ceol? Even if they really are natural, I don’t agree that this tune if Phrygian. It’s doesn’t have the right shapes for a proper Phrygian tune. The Gs are just passing notes, and don’t play an important enough role to turn the tune from what it sounds like - Aeolian, or even Dorian, with the right adjustments - to Phrygian.


funny.. i just typed ‘G’ into the subject and predictive typing gave me G#… I agree those naturals sound just plain flat….

😏 Yes!

Exactly as intended… But if you want to play it as minor by raising the Gs up a half step, do so… The fact that they jar is why they are nats, and that hadly makes them ‘just’ passing notes… 😀


Ben ~ challenge time ~ go ahead, you show us how to make it ‘proper’ phrygian, helping to educate us as to what the ‘right shape’ would be… How’s that for a musical gauntlet? Maybe with a phrygian chord sequence too?

We must be nuts. We’ve both decided to keep the heat off until November… I need to get some of those insulated gloves where you can remover the fingertips for fine work ~ like typing… 😀

Proper Phrygian

I will, I will, ceol … my turn not to be well … nothing too serious, I don’t think. Man flu, probably, but enough to stop me concentrating, so you’ll have to bear with me …

btw, I don’t remember telling you that I was determined to keep the heat off until November?!??!


Not you, us!!! Brrrrrr!!! I’m sitting here with a hot water bottle in my lap… People do the craziest things, and I guess we are amongst the more unstable…

‘Both’ = me and the significant other…not that you and yours aren’t also considered ‘significant’…

F# Phrygian

Of course. As you knew, ceol. A simple missing keystroke. Still, since many find modes mind-muddling enough, I thought I’d point that out.

Pedantically yours,
Peter, the “p” in “muspc”

A selective use…

of E sharps, say, for example, in the descending upper part of the fourth section, could be used to highlight the Gypsyness. If you’re interested in playing solos while the rest of your session-mates look on in bewilderment, this is probably the way to go.

F# ~ 😏

Yes! ~ Thanks muse… I’m not exactly been in the peach of health lately, but I’ve now qualified for the flu jab, so I’m obviously better. The real confusion is a slow brain in a cold climate. We decided, and are stubbornly keeping to that, not to turn the heat on till November… Daft, yes, I know… At least the hail and snow hasn’t stuck yet… Brrrrrr!!!

We have a raised appreciation for hot water bottles… 😎

Some Ideas…

X: 2
T: Gypsy Meghan
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
|: c2 AB cFAB | c/e/c Ac BEGB | cA- AB cFAB | cd^ec BEGE :|
|: cF/A/GF cFAB | cF- FA BEGB | cF/A/GF cFAB | cd^ec BE/G/FE :|
|: c2 Af FcAB | cAAf eB ^G/A/B | cA- Af FcAB | cfec BE^GE :|
|: cFfF ^eF G/A/B | cFfF ^eE G/F/E | cFfF ^eFdF | cFBF AEGE :|

The changes…

followed the irrationale of:

highlighting the raised seventh (the e sharps) in parts 1, 2, and 4 in a way you might find in Gypsy, Persian, Indian music (and NOT like the Western harmonic minor);

strengthening the supertonic to tonic relationship (G to F#) in part 2 to emphasize the phrygianness; and

refreshing the pallate a bit in the thrid part by using G sharps.

I meant to change the key sig to “K: F#Phrygian” but I forgot--alas! Of course , this doesn’t change the notes one jot, but as this is mostly intellectual lunacy anyway….

And not a new arrangement…

but simply variations on ceol’s original.

Oh my, what a little illness can bring on one… 😀

2014 ~ We’ve kept the heat off for all of November, and here I am in a short sleeve shirt! 2:30a.m. Who’s mad?